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Evidence that Covid 19 was around in November?

A good friend of mine works at a hospital lab in a big city. Well, she does not play any direct role in the scenario, but she might have prompted indirectly some of the action to be taken.

Anyway, she has just informed....

Her mom's boyfriend was very sick in November. His doctor thought he might have lung cancer, but it was later diagnosed as pneumonia.

Just recently, in fact the results were gotten today. He and his doctor decided to test him for the anti-bodies of Covid 19, and his test came back positive.....meaning he has had Covid 19.

Well...either he had the disease in November, or he caught the virus later on and never even knew he had it because there were no signs he had it.


I am not doctor, but if I was a betting man (and I am) I would put my money on the fact he had the virus back in November.

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Hello Amic,

Perhaps after all this, it might not matter what Trump does or thinks. Maybe more important what humanity as a whole does or thinks. dunno

@ Johnny~ wave ... The current Director-General of WHO Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in an interview that in early January they were told that no-one had yet died from the virus and they didn't want to cause an international panic believing that it was still contained in China according to the Chinese authorities....

..... blues cheers
Well Hans, that was brilliant, obviously they were right. doh
I think that what a President does or thinks should matter especially when it's publicly . That's one of so many that makes a President is different from us. And that's why a President should watch his mouth or action/reaction. Once his words or doings don't matter, it's time for a President to step down. (JMO)

Anyway, hope you and your love ones stay safe, JohnnyS. wine
An if you were amunst his bubble
You are now infected tooooooooooo

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