do u believe in angles?

is it possible for angel to live?angel

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Yes, I believe in Angels. I also believe in Guardian Angels. Everyone of us has a Guardian Angel.
Eh hello" but amn't I here roll eyes

Now what does that tell you angel
I bet yours is a bit pissed off, SHAWN. sigh
pedro, why 333 ?
Your forum post on angles was 555

Is this some Satanic message?
But I believe in angles

Okay then nice. What is the square root of an isosceles triangle?
yep we all have one.
Believing in angles can be right, or acute.
I dated more than my share of angels angel,
at least until they revealed their underlying persona devil wow
<3 <3 <3
@ Pedro~ - wave

Embedded image from another site

.... grin cheers
Hi Pedro
Hope all well with you. Yes, I believe in Angels. I think they've been hijacked by a lot of the people who have angel cards and have never read revelations and haven't a clue what or who they were in the Scriptures.
Isn't the sun great ? 'Had a two hour walk [distancing ] with a friend this evening and I feel gloriously relaxed and it's great to get out of the house. wine
Angels are a very controversial subject, Pedro. There seems to be two main schools of thought. I subscribe to the one that prefers a fairy at the top of the Christmas tree. angel2
I believe in faeries. Both look very much alike.
I once dated an angel who had a strange angle...
She wanted me to be in a love triangle...

Run Forrest... Run !!
laugh laugh Hans, how cool is that giggle
Pedro Why did you write the same blog on the Forums too ? just nosey.grin confused
I'm nosy too... lol
does anyone know or has experienced naked angels?

Not pulling the piss here, but my question is genuine innocent
my sister swears her dead husband appeared to her at the foot of her bed, he was nude....
my beloved mother swore her father appeared to her at the foot of her bed, he also was nude.

Nudity is very much in paintings/ drawings of the bible....
Mary Magdalene as it is told, in her later years lived naked only clothed by her hair.
...... dunno confused
I was brainwash as a child, so I believe in angels.

I never saw one, Never felt one, they do nothing for me, but yet I believe. confused
@ Itchy, Girl - wave .... Yep, I thought it was cool too..... conversing grin

As for naked angels,...... I've only ever seen pics of you clothed, Girl.... innocent

.... grin hug teddybear bouquet
Yes,I believe in Angels.

Angelpepper is a friend of mines.

My two daughters are in heaven are Angels too.angel
We all have guardian Angels.
I have a best friend and he is sure an Angel.
Yes Angels are around us.angel
CelticRose Angels and people who appear to their loved ones after death are not one and the same. Those who appear do so in a most unusual way, it takes so most energy that very often it is for a few seconds. It's to give comfort and to say 'I'm still around you but you can't see me' Some people do feel the presence of their dearly departed.
beer angel
Capricorn ~ It's lovely to see you here with her gentle spirit. Refreshing.
Hans, you can be a silly man sometimes giggle hug wink

I believe we have guardians of the souls also Vixen, wave
only twice I've heard anyone ever experience naked spirits, just curious if anyone else had?
can't dismiss the fact either, so many Angels are painted nude.....

Might we all be naked in heaven dunno
I believe my gradian angel was watching over me when I was in Myrtle beach golfing. my ball had gone into a sand trap filled with water, anyway I was fishing around looking for it, wanted to move on down a little farther down the trap but I could not move any farther I felt a gentle force stopping me so I gave up looking, as I was walking away I turned back to take a look and out of the water two eyes of a gaiter popped up from where I wanted to go. so yes I do believe in guardian angels, always have anyway.
No Nah Nope
laugh how come that does not surprise me.
No angel saved my grand daughter
don't know what happened to her but am sorry to hear that. she is in heaven I know that.
If to accept the existence of something depends entirely on belief, then no, I don't usually believe in it. I don't see any virtue in blind faith.
Thanks string thumbs up
CelticRose ~ It's too deep to even attempt on a blog. No the soul evolves to a higher plane. Sexuality or bodies we can argue for hours. It will be without war, greed, pestilence, illness, hate, corruption. 'Where the lion and the lamb will sit together'
I put a lot of questions and theories out there Vixen, knowing darn well many can't/won't be answered, knowing that, doesn't stop me from asking them though laugh
These days, being naked is heavy on my mind, and before you say it .... yep" I really need to get back to work giggle

Hope you've had the glorious day we've had here cool wave

Lucky you String applause
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