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No surprise for anyone I'm sure, because the numbers from China ceased being believable 2 mths ago

My student of 7 years from Shenyang, a medium sized (8m) provincial capital in north-eastern Liaoning told me tonight they have returned to lock-down; explained by 1000 new cases of segregation resulting from returnees from Russia. The North-East (Dongbei) region shares a long border with Russia and substantial areas of rented agricultural land.
The amazing success of China's measures was of course never even vaguely credible. The graphs defied logic. The opening of the South however is confirmed by more than a handful of other (Southern China) students, although university lectures remain online.

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Fargo ~ They have left themselves with little credibility if any. I feel sorry for the Chinese people who are not to blame. Obviously the Govt. that dictates what to say is.
I also feel so sorry for those back in lockdown for a 2nd time which must be horrific and I really hope there won't be yet another white wash of the amount of deaths.sigh
The WHO had said one huge advantage the UK had in going into lockdown a little later than most was that they'd had the chance to see what worked and what didn't, for other countries. If China is having a secret surge, you'd definitely think they'd had the chance to analyse their approach.

If Chinese figures are remotely accurate, lockdown worked for them last time. So I guess they'd do it again. We learned in Spain, with its multi-generation household culture, that lockdown has likely killed thousands upon thousands who should have been working hard at careful social amendments, exercise, fresh air, distance, and were instead sharing germs around indoors.

I'm really horrified at the rumour of a return to lockdown. If that's going to be the world's official kneejerk reaction if the virus hits again, or in winter, there is no future and no reason to come out in 2021.
"vivien I suspect it has progressed way beyond - it is endemic and vaccines will eliminate 50% ...
China has not share adequate information about the virus or their techniques to get rid of it.

It has been noted that countries who rush to reopen without safety measures are force to quarantine again.

Was Sweden approach better?

The world is learning as we go along.

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