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Can this superfood smoothie naturally relieve joint pain?

have not tried this myself but might be worth a try for those who may joint pain.

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Beetroot powder doh

Its deadly String, never go near it scold

Maybe replace the powder with a fresh organic root instead thumbs up
and maybe peel the lemons also, peeps out too.

ok I won't it's not in this smoothie. wine
There wasn't any beetroot powder, or any kind of beetroot in the recipe. confused


1/4 organic lemon, no need to peel
1/2 piece turmeric root, peeled
1/2 piece ginger root, peeled
4 pieces of carrot
Pinch freshly ground black pepper
Filtered water
If there wasn't, guess I was paying more attention to what else I was doing instead of it all being on the clip giggle

But oh well " its good advice anyways plus with no charge roll eyes

Enjoy your drinkie String wine

well I got to try it soon hope it will be as good as they say it is.
I might try it, too.

I don't have any fresh turmeric root, so I'll have to substitute powder for now.

Turmeric has many more health benefits than just being an anti-inflammatory and besides that, it just sounds yummy.

Thanks for that, String.
I put turmeric in practically everything.
Hmm, I have just made a first attempt.

I almost like it, but using powdered turmeric leaves it a bit gritty.

I think I used too much water as well. Less water would maybe give a smoother blend and more carroty taste.

I think I'd like it with a couple of peeled clementines chucked in it as well.
fresh turmeric is definitely better, Jac.
I like to use that in raw foods like above.
For a casserole or something, powered is fine.
Yeah, Tonyrefail isn't big on fresh turmeric root for some reason.

It's not very big on shops to be honest.

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