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quinine, strychnine, any nine...

Trump announces he's taking hydroxychloroquine and days later people are trying to home brew their anti-covid-19 remedies.
Here we go again with folks. News yesterday said Schweppes tonic water with quinine has disappeared off the grocers shelves and they are predicting a rise in poisonings with 'monkey see monkey do' folks trying any similar defense to the COVID-19 pandemic.

...and you though no one would be so gullible to try bleach injections, this one could be exponential!

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Michel Jackson did dunno
How many have been trying before an after dunno
Old news confused
What's old news daears?
Michael Jackson's death in 2009 is not connected to COVID-19
But he did bleach himself dunno
Just get continually pissed on Corona beer...., if it doesn't cure you, then at least you'll die happy....laugh
That calls for a wee tune dancing cheering dancing

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daears•3 hrs ago•Coatsville, Auckland New Zealand
Michel Jackson did dunno
How many have been trying before an after dunno
Old news

@ daears Micheal used bleach because he chose to be white. Covid 19 is something totally different.
Instead of "a chicken in every pot", perhaps Trump will try "a syringe of bleach in every MAGA (dunce) cap" as his campaign slogan. dunno laugh
I think his followers have low IQ, and/or mentally disable.

They are the only ones who would do as Trump says regardless of the risks.

It is sad because Trump will never bid them the time of day, and will never invite them in his surroundings (parties).

When they hurt themselves the first thing Trump will say "I don't know them, I never met them." devil
"People who don’t like Trump must love China and , illegal aliens and food stamps."

Who wrote this statement must be an IDIOT.

People who disagree with others have no disdain for the other.

That is life. I don't need to agree with everything you say, but i could still be fond of you. frustrated

China is a wonderful country with beautiful people (not involve with their politics).

People who break the law to enter into another country should be prosecuted.
Food Stamps are there to help the needy. Hope it will be there when YOU need it. IDIOT. devil
There is always going to be those people who are not playing with a full deck.
Going shopping, 9 out of 10 people did it right. Pick one shopper out of the family. You don't need to bring all your kids and their friends, with nothing over their face SHOPPING!!

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conversing cheering heart wings
Who are you??? ^^^^^^ and I assume you're talking to me, who you most assuredly do not know.
It's the adults, not the kids.
That's ok I don't know you either.
"Attacking families with children, probably wish you could have aborted them as a typical Trump and baby killer. Shame on you woman scold shame shame shamescold Do you also hate John Wayne and Clint Eastwood? Probably you still miss the Pee wee Herman show. Please don’t even answer this post you will just make more of a disgrace of yourself. Also no need to be friends I wouldn’t want to steal Raphaels best girl"


not only are you an IDIOT, but your comprehension level is very low.

Who the hell attacked families with children?

You need to stay of a dating website.


DON'T LOOK AT MY PROFILE. devil devil devil
Hold the insults down or comments will disappear.

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