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So, first my own news time line. Beginning before teenage years, with my first shortwave radio receiver, I noticed the vast differences between most print and broadcast media (P&BM) and what we heard on Radio Free Europe, Radio Marti, Voice of America, BBC, and the other hundreds of international broadcasters world wide. It was the start of the so called cold war, and most sides had their own brand of propaganda. Some so one sided and simple minded that little vetting was required. Others, seemingly were more even handed. I learned to listen to many, and to try to sort out the truth. And when I became a radio amateur, we could chat on topics.
Now, these broadcasters were typically state or God Squad funded, so little commercial influence seemed present. A few briefly tried a few schemes to pay the bills for vast antenna farms, and high powered transmitters, not to mention mostly boring broadcast/editorial staff, but this didn't last. There were on- the- air language courses, with free books/materials, and contests for winning books, T shirts, maps, and even trips. Within some otherwise dreadful program content, came some decent stuff. Radio Moscow's jazz programming is one example.
Now, during these first few decades of these media, the propaganda was either starkly left or more moderately right sided. The former in communist countries, and the latter elsewhere, in the democracies. Some broadcasters, notably the BBC, were quite fairly unbiased, so much so that during the Malvinas conflict, the service was taken to task for reporting fairly where Argentina was concerned. The same can be said for the early years of American Public Radio/TV, originally set up, beginning on university campus radio stations, to provide a non commercial alternative to the advert laden P&BM.
This changed, certainly for the BBC and USA Public Broadcasters, around the start of the '80's/'90's. Anyone who will not admit to marked left bias of these last two services, suffers from one of the Syndromes, so well characterized here at the Vierk Institute. My explanation, there are others, for this, is the entrance to the broadcast houses (and print media) of new younger staff, all having spent years being indoctrinated by government school and university venues of leftie propaganda. As with ESL.
But now there are few international shortwave broadcasters left. And the ones remaining now use FM radio and TV streaming to reach audiences. Signal quality is greatly improved, but the access for biased editorial input correspondingly increased. Still, many parts of the world, notably Africa, depend upon their portable SW receivers.
One final note. These 'public' broadcast outlets were, and still largely are, funded by taxpayer dollars. Here in the States, largely thanks to Republican input, this has decreased significantly, with a corresponding shameless increase in adverts and regular bauble pushing begathons. Hardly fair, with citizenry much more diverse politically. The same applies to government education.
If Mr. Trump can beat the demented opposition, sure, there will be a continuation of his mandated MAGA programs. But along with infrastructure restoration, better border control, continued economic growth, putting NATO/China and others into more fair practices, and a generations secure new SCOTUS, watch for further culling of the biased public media away from the taxpayers' teats. And huge more evenhanded alternatives. In fairness, taxpayer supported, for a few decades, as were public broadcast outlets. Hold the statist lefties noses to the stone. They'd do it to us, as the syndromes clearly demonstrate.You heard it here first.

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