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Are single people - becomming sex starved...

No husband / wife,
No Bf / No Gf

No company and no sex...
You don't open the remote gate, and disregard the piercing bell, that will deafen the deaf.
You are safe, with no-one coming within 1.5m from you.
So good for your libido...?


Comments (11)

Thank God for Toys for Twats!
Life doesn't revolve around sex...thank goodness for that!
I agree with both of you...

There is a time and place forever,
which doesn't mean:
remove the table or floor e.g.
Bed too...
^^^^No one ever loves me for my mind.. laugh
Let me take a look at you profile and see if you have an amazing MIND. laugh
AI_1984•11 hrs ago•Pueblo del Mar, Murcia Spain
Life doesn't revolve around sex...thank goodness for that!

Al well according to people I know of life does revolve around sex.
Jack, I happen to love some people for their MIND only.
If they are good looking as well, then it's a bonus.thumbs up

Btw..I've viewed your profile and, I must admit, your mind has already impressed me.wink
rolling on the floor laughing

Apparently the OP was not enthralled with all my honesty.. wink
Apparently not?
She's even deleted her account or...? uh oh
I hope it was or roll eyes

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