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Amusing doggies

Can't understand the language but just can't help sharing

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Video is not currently working.
Try posting the link.
The admin of the YT channel doesn't want to share the good vibes though. What a jerk of a man!grin
Nope. It says, "video is unavailable"

Perhaps it can't be viewed in the USA ? dunno
So sorry to the YT admin and @ Jim, t'was an oversight(an excuse from an oldie with a failing eyesight). Missed the underscore. Enjoy the link as I do too.bouquet bouquet bouquet heart wings heart wings heart wings
Yes. That one works. Cute dogs. thumbs up
@Jim, thanks for this rare moment.teddybear bouquet
All these blogs with dogs is getting ,me closer to getting one.

I've see that fruit, and I want to taste it.
@La Fonda, thanks for this rarity. Back home in the Phils, we have a 2 a mom and her daughter. They're not corgis but JSpitz. Nevertheless they're cuties. If you have the resources and time, get one and you'll never regret it. hug bouquet teddybear heart wings
Looks more like Durian than Jackfruit, I think Jackfruit is smoother on the outsidedunno
Riz, yeah. I pulled up a few images and they appear to be cousins. The durian is rounded and slightly smaller with more pronounced spikes. The jackfruit is larger, elongated, the bumps are closer together and less spikey.

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site
@Chat, yes it's durian. At first glance can be mistaken for a jackfruit. My mother's place used to have a jackfruit tree and the fruit was quite big you'll be amazed how the tree was able to hold it well. Here in Japan, I've seen durian for around 4 times only but never seen any jackfruit being sold except the preserved ones. Thanks for watching the link.
@Riz, good thing you've identified it right away. Just funny watching those doggies salivating. They do know what's delicious. I've tasted it only once for being pricey and for exerting a lot of effort in bringing it home and opening it up aside from the waste it generates, I'll never do it again. bouquet teddybear
Hi Tatami,

I have a German Spitz ,you can see her on my profile. She's the most adorable ,intelligent and obedient dog and a great companion.

Unable to view the video unfortunately.sigh
I prefer the jackfruit, the Durian has an evil and overpowering smell. Durian is banned on most public transport in China now.
Nice to see you, Tat bouquet

It is unusual to see corgis now here. They used to be relatively common before but not anymore. To see 8 of them is fab.

I've heard about the smell of Durian fruit. That doesn't encourage me to ever try it laugh
@German, your baby has a nice fur. Ours is white but there's one who's a crossbred and a bit smaller with a black spot on the head. You look younger than 80. Thanks for your rare appearance.heart wings teddybear bouquet hug banana heart wings
@Riz, why are you in China now?
@Molly, thanks for another rare visit. We're getting older and need to try things even once.
bouquet heart wings teddybear hug banana cheering
That is true too, Tat laugh

OK, if I am ever offered durian, I will taste it wine
@ tatami

Arigatou gozaimasuhug

I have 2 friends with Japanese Spitz. One in Ireland and one just up the road from me. Yappie dogs but just such sociable animals. Rosie the one that lives close by is very overweight. My own has a slight problem as she had an op on her leg so limited walking .wave
Corgis eating durian! My god, that's one for the books, and durian is expensive! 75yuan for a modestly sized one in China a few years ago (2015) when I last bought one. They are difficult to carry when you are riding pillion on an eScooter!
I am no longer in China I left last year around June time, was going to take a semi-retirement until I was asked to teach in Sri Lanka, that ended badly, with my missing being allowed back into the Philippines by just 12 hours, got forced back to the UK where I am staying with my youngest son until flights restart and I can return to my Cebu home. Been looking at a couple of lecture posts in Tokyo, for next year. But possibly my age is against me.
To be honest I looked at the profile of @Riz and @Fargo I thought they're one and the same. My eyesight must really be failing me.laugh
Back to @Riz, so your home is in Cebu. Are you married to someone over there? I saw a lot of expats when I went there yrs ago.
@Fargo, thanks for being entertained by the link. I have plenty of time surfing the net as my shift in the factory is out of service because of the pandemic. Just can't stop myself sharing something funny. Although, at first I messed it up.
To all who took time to watch the link and to those who exerted some extra effort to interact with me, thanks everyone. May we all pass this pandemic safe and sound with all our loved ones in tact.banana cheering heart wings teddybear

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