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i didn't feel like a Palm anymore

life is change. it seems like having the ability to control, yet going out of control and the new lack of control has made me feel more control? i didn't feel like it was all on me, before Covid. now, with the Red zones and scarce product, i feel my defenses going up. maybe up for a fight.

i thought i'd change my name to go with the new chapter. finding an unused user name is no easy task. i selected a word from my past. i'm very sentimental. i never heard of the word until i boarded my horse at a training center. my friend, the owner was showing me a Quarterhorse stud. he was a new pupil. his name was Skip, short for some crazy combination of dam and sire. he was a big, sorrel boy with blue eyes. there must have been some Paint in him.

anyways, my friend told me he was a cryptorchid, one of his testicles hadn't descended. i thought, what an unusual and beautiful word. it doesn't sound like what it is. this condition didn't prevent him from being bred. he sired at least one. i've thought about that word for over 20 years.

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Is there something your trying to tell us

wink blushing
What a lovely story..of the horse, and how you changed your name.

Welcome back, lovely lady.
Be strong and move forward empowered! bouquet
Btw, lovely picture! teddybear
awwww good to see you. I don't talk to everyone, we're all so busy. But I missed you.
Welcome back, Orchid. Good to see you. hug
Totally agree...change is the only constant of life and existence.
By the way it appears as though I have seen you somewhere...but where I fail to recollect hahahaha
Welcome back, Ma'am.. Put off a bit by the nice new pic, but when I caught the quality of the writing, I slowly started to put it all together. Duh? Anyway, Criptorchism can be a b*tch, and in humans, if uncorrected, can lead to cancer of that shy little ball. But much worse is criptocranialism. See it daily, even here. Tootles.
Happy to see u.
You look very pretty in your picture. That's a nice wholesome look for you. bouquet
Well that explains a lot. She's moved my bloody tools again but instead of getting angry trying to fathom the least logical place she could have moved them to, what I should is find the whole experience empowering. Thank her for this meddling and the chaos that ensued.
I recall a family pet, monorchid, corgi. I was curious to see the difference between cryptorchid and monorchid, just as I was slightly curious as to why our self-professed medical and linguistic genius blatantly and repeatedly, no doubt deliberately, mispelled it as criptorchid. Who knows, and it was only of vague interest.

What was slightly more interesting is a curiosiy in wiki on monorchidism: Two prominent names seldom seen in the saddle together, so to speak: Lance Armstong and Mao Zedong! Any conspiracy theorists around wanting to take that up, perchance?
I LEGIT thought you we're Ally Mcbeal there laugh wave
You could of just called yourself Won Hung Lo.
Quite deliberitely done? Not little ol' me.
Good to see back Orchid. bouquet
Welcome Back! beer
thanks for your warm welcomes wave
the picture was taken in 2014, just before some court thing. lol the other defendants/plaintifs thought i was an attorney. i'm a chameleon sigh
I thought it could be you on my thread...but did not say...just in case ...
Hello Miss palm...I knew you had to return...cause you could not resist my charm
Picture suits you, Lady attorney wave
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I see you..
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