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Biden calls blacks who vote for Trump Uncle Toms

I'm paraphrasing

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Well if your community is full of impulsive simpletons you'll be very familiar with the reason socialism doesn't work. It is clever d*ck material where the average IQ is 110 and the community is defined by its lack of impulsiveness, it's so naturally not a gimmedat.
It certainly seems as though Republicans capture more of the talented tenth. It's a bit strange how you have brighter blacks where democrats have the monopoly on goodwhites. But that's my explanation. Goodwhites know neither nigga nor redneck and that's why they have more faith in socialism.
Jim Crowe Joe is now trending on Twitter
Did Biden just use the 'some of my best friends are black' technique there?
I'd have to say they seem to be voting more naturally than whites for better or worse. I would assume that a black republican is more aspirational but I would not assume the same of a white republican. Party of aspiration or not.
In the '08 'Crat Primaries, Joe observed that Barry O was clean & spoke well. (Words to that effect.)

He didn't use the phrase, "credit to his race", but close enough that it likely cost him the nomination. foot in mouth

Most blacks think Trump is a racist. Come to think of it most Americans think Trump is a racist.
Biden has a history of race baiting.
Gal4 -- Search ...
blacks support Trump

He may be the most popular 'Publican Prez/Prez Candidate among Blacks since Ike.

Not without reason ...

very mad

Quite the opposite, seniorgal. Many black and Hispanic voters are supporting Trump. Trump has helped invigorate many communities that have been run down, with Opportunity Zones and job creation. Prison Reform and the First Step Act have also helped prisoners - mostly black and Hispanic - who were harshly treated by the criminal justice system. Online movements such as Walkaway and Blexit have also been very important in giving people a voice who previously felt they didn't have one. People like Kanye West and Candace Owens have been important voices in what's possible. President Trump - through his actions - has provided the platform for poor and disadvantaged (which are majority black/Hispanic) to thrive.
I got the feeling the host of "The breakfast club" knew Biden was patronizing black people. He has a history of not delivering on his promises. There is a reason he has all his senate records well hidden.
While the Trump campaign is working hard to get more black support he's losing in other areas. He won over seniors comfortably in the last election. This time around older voters are much more wary and disapprove of his handling of the health crisis.
Good ole Uncle "You can't go into a Seven Eleven if you don't have an Indian accent" Joe. The essence of demeaning arrogance.
One interview. Many gaffes ...

foot in mouth

Trump admitted that he is a racist.

Today he confirmed it by saying his similarities with Henry Ford. frustrated
YUP! YUP! Sho nuf dem blacks love us red neck David Duke followers. THey thnkum we big men! Yee haw.
We gonna win!professor head banger banana drinking

Embedded image from another site

WHITE RACIST PROTESTING!!!!!!!rolling on the floor laughing
It is for sure that it makes "NO SENSE" to people who don't know the history of Henry Ford. frustrated

I wish there was a SHOOTING emoji. frustrated
Crawdad69•13 mins ago•San Francisco, California USA
Belize imbicile that makes no sense

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Henry ford is actually better known for what he did with the auto industry and making it more affordable to the average citizen. Trump did something for the people by creating an economy with job markets returning, that all could take part in for themselves and their families.

Any thing beyond that is the media and people MAKING something out of a totally different what ever, they've decided to dig up for more brainwashing.

Many have seen the difference across the board and across all ethnicity. An actual economy with job markets coming back doesn't care about race or class. demonrats do because they need all the chaos and division they can create so they can tear down even more the next time they have "control".

biden's comment is exactly how the demonrats view black people. They never did any thing to actually help them or the country. They think they should automatically get those votes because they platform on racism and class enough that they should be believed. Words, not actions. Once they're in, the destruction will speak for itself again.

It's condescending for 'Crats to presume they Own black voters.

Henry Ford was also widely known for his pacifism during the first years of World War I, and for promoting antisemitic content, including The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, through his newspaper The Dearborn Independent and the book The International Jew, having an alleged influence on the development of Nazism.
It depends on Which NAACP we're talkin' 'Willy

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ... snooty
Nutters, Addled And Crazy Persons ... thumbs up

crazy Crazy Joe.
The Gaffer that keeps on gaffing foot in mouth


What Biden did would be more accurately described as a Freudian slip than a gaffe. professor
It is important that Biden wins the nomination and lives long enough to fight the election . He's easy meat for Trump , a gift no less .
The Don's produced #You Ain't Black T-shirts ...

"You Ain't Black" may prove to be Ol' Black Joe's equivalent of Hildebeest's "Deplorable" Moment foot in mouth

New Political Coalition --
Ain'tBlacks Meet Deplorables reunion ... group hug

Note to 'Crats ...
Identifying & Alienating(!) the bases of one's Own Party is Not good strategery scold

Biden is trying to walk it back by saying he was joking. We all know he's not joking.
Yeah, Biden's remark was equal to when Trump took out a full page ad in a New York newspaper
urging the execution of innocent black men roll eyes or when blacks were refused housing because of the color of their skin. The US government fined Trump and his father for that.

Please ! No matter how you try to sell it, we KNOW which one is truly a racist.
Jim, it's 6am. how do you take your coffee?
Cry - I don't drink coffee nor tea. The only caffeine I ever consume is in chocolate.

Cra - Biden has ONE accuser, who never reported the incident to any coworker.
Trump has over a dozen accusers and has paid off others.
Jim, you are anticoffee and tea? what morning drink do you partake? this is unusual news. i'm processing...


Biden -- #You Ain't Black ...
Angrily flaunts Numerous NAACP (non)endorsements liar
Joe's losing his Mind confused At some point he'll have to debate The Don for two hours.
The Bern's endorsement fails to bring his Bros enthusiastically into Joe's camp talk to hand
Sensing Dementia Joe hasn't a chance in Hell of completing A term, Fork-Tongued Squaw, Hovering Buzzard Warren, dumps Progressives & sucks up to Corporate 'Crat DNC for Veep slot in attempt to beat out Hildebeest as 1st Woman Prez tongue
'Crat Political Strategists --

Hovering Buzzard positions herself to be Dementia Joe's Veep -- and to eventually pick his carcass ...


After insulting the intelligence of black people from both parties this week, I think Sleepy Joe has put himself in a position where he has to pick a black female running mate now. I'd bet a fair amount of money on it. Mark me.
Point made & duly marked ... Agreed cheers

I thought so at the end of the "You Ain't Black" interview.

Here is a blast from the past that shows how Biden thinks he can manipulate the black voters with lies. Anyone that votes for this POS is as big a disgrace as he is. scold
Thank you Jesus for letting man invent vido tape.
Mic it looks like black activists will be picking the vice for Creepy Joe.

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