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Elderly man beaten in nursing home.

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The man and I use the word man loosely,I would've done a lot more then arresting him I would have buried him under the jailhouse.

I worked in an adult home years ago but I didn't witness any abuse.
Do you have a more credible source for that story?

The source is an extreme right wing, propaganda outlet known for poor, or no fact checking. Two of the videos won't play and the third is a 6 second clip of furniture and an elbow, rather than a drugged and convulsing victim as it claims to be.

It still plays for me, but here you go Jac.
Jac - Search ...
white man beaten in nursing home

Take your choice of sources.

Is there a point to this blog other than to promote racial disharmony? confused
You're the first one to mention race smartas.
I managed to find the original videos.

Clearly there is abuse going on, but I couldn't clearly identify the race of either victim from those clips.

What I did notice was the perpetrator punches like a seven year old girl and from his voice is clearly adrenaline flooded.

He must feel very weak and ineffectual to pick on people who have trouble standing and break easily.
Maybe Soon is unhappy his Ahmaud Arbery blog didn't have everyone shouting McMichael shot him in self-defence. dunno
Perhaps no one would have noticed it, had I not mentioned it, Soonyuleknow. I do apologize.
I thought you had a little more class than that Jac. I think the real point is you don't want to end up in free nursing home. Save your money ladies and gentlemen.
He has a point, Jac. You don't want to end up as a headline, do you? dunno

" white woman beaten in nursing home"
I changed the title to be more politically correct so as not to offend anyone.
I'm not politically correct, I'm just a white man who doesn't want to get beaten up by a gang of black men, whose friend got beaten up by a gang of white men because someone went out of there way to encourage them to think that all black men were dangerous. It's self interest, pure and simple. dunno
Well you look white, Crawdad, so it would obviously be incorrect to think that intelligence and whiteness always go together. drinking
The title of the video clip was the first to bring race into it.

But take race out of it totally, people in nursing homes are vulnerable and thus more likely to be abused.
And you, Crawdad, live like someone who has just been insulted and would like to be able to think of something clever to come back with, but just ended up saying something stupid instead. smile
It'd be safer to train a monkey because even the worst person is still a person wiht crayz ideas and judgemental attitudes. I can see our carefully-nurtured advancing society coming to blows with its half-chimps despite of its paradoxical affection for earthier peoples that proves it is sterile.
Talk about convoluted logic. The press constantly telling the world Trump and the people who voted for him are racist is what's getting people beat up. That guy didn't ask the old man who he voted for. It's a really dangerous game keeping racial tension stirred up the way the MSM/leftwing media does.
Exactly my point, Soonyuleknow, which is why I am concerned about your attempting to do it.
It's nursing home abuse in government funded housing. The place has a history of being poorly run. There's a lot of old people on this site who may be headed toward a similar fate. It's a shocking story if you see the unblurred video. It's a very brutal attack. He attacks a woman too.
Soon, I doubt anybody is disagreeing with you that abuse in nursing homes is disgraceful and should be stopped. No matter where it is or who it is happening to.
Well Molly this smartalec dude seems to think it is about race. It really about having to live in a home paid for by Medicare/Medicade in the US.
Read one of the reviews on this place.

by Slstevens on 01/30/2020

If I could give it zero stars I would my father was in this facility for 5 days he was allowed to fall out of his wheelchair, he choked on food and none of the "skilled nurses/aides" did anything to help and he fell out of bed. When we expressed our concerns to the administration we were treated in a condescending manner. After we expressed our wish to move our father to a new facility we were brushed off and told the transfer would be facilitated including transportation. Fast forward a few hours when someone walked into the too small and cramped room my father shared with another patient and we were told he was transferred to another facility and WE had to get our father out and to the facility on our own. Patient care is NOT their #1 priority. The facade of the senior apartments is what attracts you, until you go around the corner and see the depressing building where your loved one is being sat in a line down the hall ways in a guise that the patients need to socialize. But in reality it's so the nurses/staff dont have to exert much effort to care for your family.
It hadn't occurred to me that political correctness was the issue, so much as accuracy.

Your first blog title mentioning race was loaded.

It's clear the perpetrator is black, but it's not clear what race the two elderly people are. The perpetrator appears to use the N word when abusing the man and I didn't hear him him asserting that black people are supposed to rule the Earth as the first link claims.

You first source was right wing, extremist, known for poor fact checking and generally very dodgy. Forgive me if I question what's really going on here.

Inevitably race will be an issue: if you oppress and abuse a group of people over hundreds of years you will get a variety of reactions from heroes to those who continue the cycle of abuse. That cycle of abuse goes on in all races, but some abuse is unique to a particular race.

The perpetrator appears to lack the strength and power to be an average human being. It's as pitiful watching the perpetrator as it is the victims.

I have often wondered whether someone's ability to break the cycle of abuse hinges on their ability to empathise: some people experience abuse and never want others to go through the same trauma; some people experience abuse and pass it on to get some kind of relief from their own trauma. I imagine it's emotionally more complex than that, but empathy must play a role.

If you want to see a change in the cycle of abuse, you have to be that change. By inaccurately disseminating a racial element, you may be acting as part of the cycle of abuse.
"Well Molly this WHITE smartalec dude", if you please, Soonyuleknow. Unless you think that that would imply that there's a black man up to no good somewhere, of course.
The title wasn't changed all that much Jac. I only removed the word "white" and it wasn't important to the article IMO, one way or the other. Some people see race in everything. The media likes to divide the country along racial lines. They have gotten very good at it. Racial relations were pretty good in the US until Obama started stirring things up.Trump has made things worse with his thoughtless, inartful choice of words and the MSM trying to twist them in the worst possible ways. He was never mentioned as a racist before he ran for president. What this story does suggest is that the MSM has been very successful at implying that white people are racist. This guy seems to think he is justified in beating the old man up and I think you can lay the blame directly on political correctness and the MSM and the Democratic party. Will it ever end?
Are you trying to inject your race into this blog Smartalec?
That's a huge change, Soon.

It was very important to the article written from a source known for it's extreme right wing attitude and poor fact checking (that's a polite way of saying 'making things up').

Yeah, fancy people seeing race in a report citing a white man being beaten by a black man in a care home.

And you so like to help.

No better than you are.
Everything was fine until you had a black president, eh? If only people knew their place.
He's got a better platform for expressing himself now. He's heard by more people and he thinks his position of power gives him immunity. He reckons he can go out and shoot someone in the street and get away with it.

Everyone exhibits racially discriminatory behaviours. The trick is to look at ourselves and try and work beyond our own logical fallacies.

No, he doesn't. He's hesistant before most punches, but gains some confidence. His voice is shaking, probably with all sorts of emotions including fear. His eyes dart off in the direction of a noise in the middle of hitting the man in case he's going to be caught.

That's because you understand sweet Fanny Adams about racial issues.
Not for as long as people like you keep propagating misinformation.
OMG,Harb has finally become smart!
Maybe you can see the unblurred video here. No mention of race. The other link came off twitter, I don't know anything about that site. You can see what Trump said too. I wonder what Biden said?
Here is an article from leftwing CNN about Obama and the Travon Martin story. I think Jac and SA need to read it.

Here is part of the article,use the link to read the rest.

Every American can make their own judgment about whether justice was served by the verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial but one thing we should all recognize: President Obama's interference in a local law enforcement matter was unprecedented and inappropriate, and he comes away from the case looking badly tarnished by his poor judgment.
"If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon," the president said when asked about the case in the Rose Garden on March 23, 2012, after many had called for Zimmerman's arrest but several weeks before he was charged. "When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids."
In fact, if the president had a son, he would have been born to extraordinary privilege and raised with all the advantages of two very affluent and highly educated parents. He would have gone to tony private schools. His path in life would have been almost as dissimilar from Trayvon's as one could imagine.
Yes, Obama's hypothetical son and Trayvon would have shared the same brown skin color. Would that have made them interchangeable? Not unless all brown-skinned boys are the same. Does the president really believe that?

Abigail Thernstrom
The president's remarks created a clear impression that he was motivated by one of two factors, and we can only guess as to which, or what combination of the two, was at work here. One possibility is that this is merely another manifestation of the president's well-known narcissism: No matter what the situation may be, it's all about him.
The other, more troubling possibility is that the president surrendered to his political instincts. He wants disadvantaged Americans to believe that he and his family are one of them -- despite their life of unparalleled privilege -- and he wanted the prosecutors, judge and jury to believe that this was a case about race where justice demanded a guilty verdict.
I'm amazed at how naive some people here are. Here is an article from a leftwing source on Obama, Holder, and how they stirred up Ferguson, MO, with an assist from their buddies in the media. In the Michael Brown case.

Horrendous, glad he was arrested
Any news about the victims? crying
Hi Jenny.................I think the 75-year old man is in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. But beware it's not politically correct to discuss this case.
crying crying crying ........... what a world we live in.......stop this world I want to get off...............
What? That's a load of bollocks
Well here is another twist to the story. The guy was put in the nursing home because he had COVID-19.
Hear it from his father:
online today!
@ SmartAlec•May 22•Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England UK
Well you look white, Crawdad, so it would obviously be incorrect to think that intelligence and whiteness always go together.

Ever village has it's idiot Smart- even CS.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
"online today!
@SoonyuleknowOP•May 22•Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico
It's nursing home abuse in government funded housing. The place has a history of being poorly run. There's a lot of old people on this site who may be headed toward a similar fate. It's a shocking story if you see the unblurred video. It's a very brutal attack. He attacks a woman too."

You have an earlier post saying Medicare and Medicaid are to blame for patient abuse. "SoonyuleknowOP•May 22•Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico
Well Molly this smartalec dude seems to think it is about race. It really about having to live in a home paid for by Medicare/Medicade in the US."
Read one of the reviews on this place.

Its called Medicaid not Medicade. Medicare doesnt cover long term nursing care. After the elderly patient (victim?) has had her estate drained (100,000 a year is common for nursing home costs-not including hospital costs) . A poverty program run by the victim's state, not the federal government, takes control. Nursing homes try to avoid medicaid patients like the plague- medicaid doesnt pay their costs."


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