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Trump is "no longer welcomed in Michigan"

Michigan's attorney general, Dana Nessel, pre-warned Trump in writing to make sure to wear a mask when visiting any Michigan factory, specifying that it was a legal requirement and also his moral obligation to protect factory workers.

In Trump's defense, he wore a mask and goggles during most of the tour.
However, in violation of Michigan law, he took off that equipment before being questioned by reporters,
while still at that factory, because he "didn't want to give the press the pleasure of seeing him in a mask". Meanwhile all the factory executives wore such masks.

So, the AG ruled, that he is no longer welcomed back into Michigan. tongue
She say that it's obvious, that "Trump doesn't care about anyone, other than himself".
"It's disappointing" and she "is embarrassed to have him as president".

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rolling on the floor laughing Trump is the man, I think nobody should leave "Michigan" what a joke.
I'm sure Trump won't be too concerned what Karen thinks laugh
Why didn't she have one on, she was in close quarters in a studio.
I'm sure she had a good excuse.
Talking to reporters, maybe.
Michigan is for Winners, not wasters and losers like Trump and mindless followers.
Deny, Defy, Lie is the Trump patter. All he knows is the politics of hate and fear.
Michigan's AG is a nut case and so is the governor.
Trump will go wherever he wants. Welcome or not. He is only not welcomed by left wing libtards who nobody else gives a shit about.
Pitty Jimmy does not spend his energy confronting the governmment of New Jersey where death stalks it's population .
Name calling is the way of the bully. Unable to meet his/her rival as an equal, the bully relies on insults in a vain attempt to level the field of play. What is more shameful is the enablers who cheer on the bully.
h - she was 'zooming' from her office. Trump was endangered the laborers and others at the factory against the law.
Trump just said he "tested positively toward negative" just to confuse everybody I suppose. rolling on the floor laughing
More likely his vocabulary is so limited, that he lacks synonyms for terms.
Perhaps he can get banned from all 50 states & DC. laugh
What strikes me here is - like so many times in the past, the country turns to the auto industry and its hard work union workesr to come through with high volume fabrication needed in a hurry. I mean if this something anyone can do , why not train up the HB1 Mar-a-Lago crew and crank out ventilators in Florida?

I think Michigan and its auto industry is due for a thank you.
Yes I should have spent more time watching that video, I didn't because she was being ridiculous. If anyone was acting like a petulant child it was her. He wore it in the factory, and he chose not to wear it outside the factory and he said why. If anyone was going to get sick from that situation, it would have been him, not the people wearing masks, they were protected.
You misunderstand. The masks are to protect other people, not just the person wearing the mask.
The two main ways that the virus spreads are through coughs & sneezes.
If the person coughs and/or sneezes is wearing a mask, it helps keeps the range of particle spray
down. Most of it gets stopped by the mask.
No I understand the mask rules.The first month they said if you weren't sick you didn't need to wear one. I had one but I was afraid they wouldn't want me shopping in their store if they thought I was sick.
Then the next time about half the people wore them. This month the stores all have big signs saying, don't come in unless you are wearing a mask.
It wasn't just her, the media asks questions that put people in defense mode. They could have ask anything and they chose to be petty, like always.
OG - you shocked me with that statement. wow

Lets say for instance, that your life is hanging on by the ability a machine to help you breathe. Would you really trust your life with a Trump product ?
Think Trump University, Trump Wines, Trump Casinos, Trump Steaks.
Except for money laundering with properties and illegally getting loans by faking his (lack of) wealth, and fooling voters, he has never actually produced a good product.
Have you paid any attention to the people he hires ? The main qualifications for employment have been agreeing with Trump and the ability to hide crimes, and/or make up excuses for them.
You really want the illegal aliens at Mar A Lago making your ventilator ?
I think Ford & GM have better engineers and understand electronics a lot better.
Don't get me wrong, there may be the occasional recall, but in general their products last
many years.
h - I'm trying to help you understand the REASONS to wear the mask.

As far as in the beginning, there was a limited amount of masks available.
Our stupid president did nothing to acquire the necessary supplies.
Thus, originally, they wanted to reserve the masks for the healthcare workers
and first responders. Then, when everyone started making the masks, then
it was urged that EVERYONE wear them and that's where we have been for over a month.

Trump just doesn't want the news to show him in a mask, as he 'thinks' it makes
him look weak. In reality his lack of confidence in wearing a mask makes him look weak, uncaring, and stupid.
Have you noticed that noone coughs, or sneezes in the supermarket anymore? I had to suppress a sneeze today. I only hope there were no security cameras capturing my St. Vitus dance. giggle

We also emit droplets when we speak, the louder we speak, the further droplets travel.

It wasn't his choice to make.

He said he wore it on the shop floor, but he was still inside the factory when he was talking to the press. In Michigan it is a legal requirement to wear a mask in an enclosed public space, so this is yet another example where Trump thinks he's above the law.

Yes, he did highlight his own vanity and insecurity as an excuse to put other people at risk.

I understand he tested negative in the morning, but did anyone send a memo to the virus to not infect him between the test and the press meeting?
Michigan A.G : "Trump is a petulant child." laugh laugh

I have heard worst. laugh

Election is coming up, let's see what the voters will do this this petulant child. laugh
M - Well, some are not thinking with the right head. laugh

J - As long as you didn't mean - St. Virus dance. wow

A - Well, Stormy spanked him. laugh Hopefully the vote tally will do the same.

laugh laugh laugh
and he does seem to be exactly that.

Do you think that's a good thing, or a bad thing?

What might be the consequences of a leader being above the law?
Excellent video Me. Thanks for posting it.

After more than 3 years in office, it's Obama's fault. roll eyes

It amazes me, the amount of lies Trump's press secretaries are willing to propogate.
I suppose they all think, that working for the president will look great on their resume.
Yeah sure. That is until the interviewer asks "which president".
After which, the interviewer will stop listening, look at their watch, make an excuse about an important meeting that is coming up and say, "we'll call you". Then, after the interviewee left, announce, "next".

h - While Trump does "seem" to be above the law, I assure you, that no one is.
It only seems that way, because Republicans (except for Romney) in Congress thus far have protected him from justice.
After his term is up, he will have lots of charges to answer for with much testimony in courts.
Tyranny / dicatatorship
That's where Ford may become unstuck in legal terms.

If the Michigan edict to wear masks in enclosed public places is demonstrably legitimate, but despite being informed of his legal obligation Trump refused, then it might be argued that the infringement was Trump's alone.

If there is evidence that Ford reneged on their responsibility to inform Trump that wearing a mask in an enclosed public setting is a legal requirement then the company may be liable.

Of course, that doesn't absolve Trump of personal responsibility. As President of the United States he should know and follow the laws in each state he visits, especially in times of national emergency.

If Winston Churchill had driven round a munitions factory during a night time air raid with his headlights on it probably would have altered the course of history. Maybe bigly.
I was hoping for hpylady's response to the question, Jim.
I know. But, you may never have gotten it, and there are more readers than her.
Regardless, if it was on YOUR blog, I wouldn't have answered it.
I felt it was important, that there was no doubt on mine.
A real leader leads by example, Trump is about as far from being a leader as it is possible to be.

Forcing a person to wear a mask is unconstitutional. Trump is getting tested every day. Is taking HCQ. You know it's a bad news day when this is all the resistance has to go on.
No one forced him to do anything, including going to Michigan.
However, he broke the law by not wearing a mask at the factory.
Not that breaking the law is anything new for him.
He's spent a lifetime doing so. That's why he's had to pay off so many plaintiffs.
He'll have a bunch of federal charges to defend in court after his term is up.
If that is indeed a law then it's unconstitutional. Then again we do know Michigan currently has some psychopaths in office, most obviously Whitmer. This Karen (Nessel) seems on her level.
Whitmer may be our next VP.
Imagine. Someone in Ireland telling us its unconstitutional to require wearing a mask to protect health,safety, welfare of public. CS is turning into a fruitcake factory. Russian trolls first rule- always create controversy. If Trump wont wear a mask make it seem unconstitutional.
It will probably be Klobuchar (the safe pick, if you will). Maybe even Hillary. I'm not even sure Biden will make it as their presidential nominee. I imagine discussions are ongoing on how to possibly shoehorn someone else in.
Klobuchar is a front runner too. Perhaps it might even be Kamla.
Either way, the choice will be much better than deadwood Pence.

Embedded image from another site
Trump would be smart to stay the hell away from an evil state like Michigan, where they put 20 year old mental patients that are COVID-19 positive and have a history of assaulting old people in with a vulnerable 75-year old war hero and let them beat the crap out of him. And despite the fact he is bloodied and injured they don't report it to authorities until others report seeing it on youtube. I think it got reported about a week after the attack occurred and he was still hurt bad enough that he had to be hospitalized. Hear what the perps father had to say.
It's disgraceful. What a f*ck up state.

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