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conspirasy theory? or just me

i would like to address the hoops we must jump through during this Chinese virus. the lockdown thing is a no brainer. the evil ones want us to cook in our juices for a few months. simmering addictions, domestic violence, or depression bubble to the surface. could make a lot less of us. terrorize us with fear and make us obey,

now there's the mask. i can tell the level of fear by the mask. there are those who refuse, and then masks range from bandanas, disposable, homemade, custom graphics or designer labels and the coveted N95. i don't like the mask. it takes our humanity away. we can't exchange a simple smile. we begin to look alike. a set of eyes. our mouths are covered by a symbolic muzzle. i might think the evil ones are trying to silence me. i am contained. my mouth is covered. i have modified my normal in order to prepare for the new normal that i don't want.

most recently is the Temperature League. they are responsible for checking for fevers before shift begins. they also check after lunch. they use this touchless device shaped like a pistol. they raise and aim at my third eye. then they squeeze the trigger. i thought, "are they conditioning me to want a pistol to my head?" and do the evil ones want those in the Temperature League to be conditioned to point and squeeze?

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So ignore it all - throw a giant no mask House Party with lots of hugging and kissing - practice what you preach. Most importantly DO NOT accect responsibility for the resulting outcomes of your actions.
How true Orchid. I'm glad you're able to make a joke out of it because it's so stupid that's it becomes laughable! laugh

I could also add about the beaches which you can walk on but not sit on...
You can do watersports but no swimming..
And, when you can eventually lie on the beach in your allocated place and time, it will be so stressful that you'll be better off sitting on your terrace!

Like your new pic..and name! teddybear bouquet
OG, chill
i was using my imagination. unless you think the evil ones want us to accept a pistol in the face
AI hug
they are trying to control us through fear. never wore a mask. things are good no problem . I have been out in the public ever since this fear mongering began.
I could also add about the beaches which you can walk on but not sit on...
You can do watersports but no swimming..
Yep anything more stupid A1? Laughable indeed. insane reasoning for sure............
I am with you and you too Cryotorchid.....applause cheering wave
But, Stringman, from yesterday the wearing of masks is obligatory in public places!
No mask, then a heavy fine! grin

The thing is, they've admitted that the cheap or free ones are not much good!
Only the surgical ones work, but they're expensive!

I think it's all in the mind and, again, its it's about gaining control and obedience.
Jenny, the beaches are wonderful. i think the evil ones want us to forget about pleasure
exactly control is the name of the game.
AI, i'm obedient while i figure my moves
Cdaddy, i ooze imagination
No actually I welcome those capable of thinking for themselves instead blindly following Fox News. I apologize to Cryptochild for reacting what sounded Fox News echo chamber. IT wouldn't hurt to sprinkle in a LOL or smiley face to indicate humor.
OG, i can think what i think and you can think what you think. pretty cool
Lefties are libtards ? Well Trumpies are dumfks.

Trumps latest stunt was to refuse to wear a mask in a factory in Michigan- the over 70 fat slob- at high risk for severe COVID- has no respect for any human life (except himself). But I digress.

The term libtard is derived from "retard". Originated many years ago and greatly popularized by Rush Limbaugh. The term retard was originally a medical term and became a frequent viscous verbal assault against disabled children in the 60s.

" Up until around the 1960s, the terms "moron", "idiot", "cretin" and "imbecile" were all genuine terms to refer to people with mental intellectual disabilities and low intelligence. These words were discontinued in that form when concerns arose that they had developed negative meanings, with "retard" and "retarded" replacing them.Since then, the terms "handicapped" (United States) and "disabled" (United Kingdom) have replaced "retard" and "retarded"."

It seems Wiki gives a better definition than many other lexicons for this.

I would suggest to the relevant poster that The Trump Virus is far more appropriate the Chinese Virus.
Anything is more appropriate than Libtards. And jeopardizing the American health,safety and welfare with stunts like not wearing a mask in a crowded factory out of one's vanity and arrogance is unacceptable.
R, i couldn't scan your text. i think it's a glitch or the evil ones...
Mandatory wearing of masks outside of hospitals or healthcare facilities is absurd. Many of the prominent names in virology and pandemic response have been on camera saying masks make little to no difference. Wear one if you want. Don't if you don't.

Kind of a wake-up call when you see the varying government responses from area to area. There are some right little totalitarians - but hey the next election is never too far away and most people really value their freedoms and so will get the opportunity to vote people out of office if they feel they've gone too far with restrictions.
Chance, the obvious is difficult to ignore
I thought it could be you on my thread...but did not say...just in caserolling on the floor laughing
Hello Miss palm...I knew you had to return...cause you could not resist my charmbouquet grin
frustrated frustrated frustrated Trump tried to protect Americans and was undermined every step of the way. A few other's seemed to want to protect Americans , they to were undermined to score petty political points. US deaths will be in 6 figures by the end of the week , 8 by Christmas with no end in sight . 1919 flu killed 750 thousand Americans , covid is supposed to be worse , 20 times worse . I think the very worst sort of person is one who see's covid as a way to take Trump down , we have two on this sight at least .
Lee, you're one of the reasons why...
E, relax. take an Advil for the bangin'
I know I am side stepping the main issue - Covid - but as a writer I generally follow slang origin, watching how it comes into being and what meanings are attached to it. Libtard is interesting in that its meaning is still in flux. The Urban Dictionary currently has 7 distinct definitions contributed by users. It is interesting to note how the definitions conflict with one another. Libtard is word still in flux.

-1- an individual, whose thinking process has been rendered impaired by political correctness and the
failure to understand that people are responsible for their actions and the world does not owe lazy or stupid people a living.
{ That libtard voted for someone with no qualifications to be president and now everyone is losing his old health care coverage }

-2- a nyone who holds political views outside the Bible Belt.
{ Them goddamn libtards are ruining the country with their soft, lefty, pinko socialist policies. Why can't decent white people watch NASCAR carry guns and drink Bud Lite in peace? }

-3- Any member of the Libertarian party, or more generally, someone who follows their ideology. Usually, these people are either unwilling or unable to critically think about sociological or economic issues above the level of a high school sophomore, and would prefer instead to advocate for policies that disproportionately harm the poor and minorities. They are a close synonym for Conservatives, although they like weed.

-4- The appropriate go-to phrase for when all of your arguments get shot down.
{ Well-uh-well you're a libtard! }

-5- a pejorative term utilized by conservatives and some Republicans to insult Liberals specifically and Democrats in general. The term is portmanteau of 'liberal' and 'retard', suggesting that being a liberal is a mental deficit. The opposite of a libtard is a 'Retardlican' or simply, a Trump supporter.
Libtards tend to espouse useless concepts like equal rights for all, a social welfare net for all citizens, and not electing a reality tv personality to the presidency, or an accused rapist to the nation's highest court.

-6- A word used by actual retards to make themselves feel better about being retarded.

-7- An individual who’s IQ is significantly higher than one who uses this term. A higher level of human being who does not default to the Bible to bail from intelligent disscussion.
OG, i appreciate your lengthy comment.
very happy flower
Lee, i'm everything you don't want and i'll demo for cred
i'll demo for cred
What does this meanconfused
I think our governors are milking the situation. It was only supposed to be for 2 weeks, then a month then another month blah blah blah. The longer we're down, the worse the economy gets and the worse the president looks. Just my opinion. Just today, our governor opened some things up and eased up on some restrictions - however - our mayor says no. WTF is right!
Lee, make it up as you go along? just parroting the dialog of a documentary
Lee, make it up as you go along? just parroting the dialog of a documentary
Which documentaryconfused dunno
something socially important i think
Crawdad69 - I personally find the whole name calling practice bit abhorrent - no matter who uses it. And Yes I showed by source material instead of making blind claims on unstated sources, which I explained in my opening paragraph. You, my friend, appear latch out blindly at people. You have to show respect to get respect.
let's take a moment
Academia has had their day. They have wondered if they could reduce the annual deaths due to the flu. They have proven they can't. But they can increase the death toll by throwing those with the flu into hospitals with those who are most likely to die from it. The media have, of course, produced a major propaganda supporting the misinformation to the point even I believe it at some level. I wear a pesticide mask.
Crawdad69 - that is an interesting response - I can't say as I am impressed. - the floor is yours - good night.
Opps my post was meant for...i didn't feel like a Palm anymore...wrong blogdoh
If you knew how to spell "conspiracy," when you should capitalize letters, maybe I could take you more seriously (Not really, but your ignorance is showing in more ways than one.)
After reading your I can commentidea or better still...
Just cause she might have spelt conspiracy wrong...takes nothing away from the way she feels and she has every right to share her thoughts...concerns and Perhaps you could explain...where you stand on the on the tablewink
People do stupid things because of being afraid.

It's time to live our best lives. banana
Crawdad69•6 hrs ago•San Francisco, California USA
Old guy and Raphael are the only ones mentioning the word libtard, and old guy is copying a whole page from a dictionary and posting it here , how about you are both just plain idiots.

I have two words for you Craw- imbecile and moron. Imbecile- it is not spelled imbicile. Moron - it is not spelled moran.
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