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conspirasy theory? or just me

i would like to address the hoops we must jump through during this Chinese virus. the lockdown thing is a no brainer. the evil ones want us to cook in our juices for a few months. simmering addictions, domestic violence, or depression bubble to the surface. could make a lot less of us. terrorize us with fear and make us obey,

now there's the mask. i can tell the level of fear by the mask. there are those who refuse, and then masks range from bandanas, disposable, homemade, custom graphics or designer labels and the coveted N95. i don't like the mask. it takes our humanity away. we can't exchange a simple smile. we begin to look alike. a set of eyes. our mouths are covered by a symbolic muzzle. i might think the evil ones are trying to silence me. i am contained. my mouth is covered. i have modified my normal in order to prepare for the new normal that i don't want.

most recently is the Temperature League. they are responsible for checking for fevers before shift begins. they also check after lunch. they use this touchless device shaped like a pistol. they raise and aim at my third eye. then they squeeze the trigger. i thought, "are they conditioning me to want a pistol to my head?" and do the evil ones want those in the Temperature League to be conditioned to point and squeeze?

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CRYPT- a place wher you put dead people.
Orchid- a testicle
cryptorchid- o happy days are here again!
raphael119•51 mins ago•washington d.c., District of Columbia USA
Crawdad69•13 mins ago•San Francisco, California USA
Belize imbicile that makes no sense


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Ok I admit a slight error

Get a life Ralphy, a real one, you are sooooo boring. A boring troll really............ sleep sleep sleep
^^^^^ Projection, as usual.. yawn
It's standard practice for now, in many work places. The masks are degrading both ways. One it shows the cowardice that has been brought to the surface in some and it literally does take away more of the human factor the other.

Some, maybe should wear masks as their choice. I don't bother talking with any that do even if I know them. I'm not wearing one and they shouldn't want too "chat" in the store or what ever.

I'm hoping the American people won't let it go for too long. In actuality, there were an awful lot not staying home and more across the country. I don't blame them. There are many that would like to see the economy crash. It literally, would have nothing to do with Trump but they would blame him anyway like they keep doing. The states are in control of their own response(s). That makes it a little easier to keep track of who to try voting out this year.

some hospitals in California are reporting they've seen more self injury in two months than anything covid related. They're reporting that two months is equal to or more than an entire year.

Maybe the temp guns are another part of conditioning. Another standard practice for now. In all honesty, I'm not so sure most of the population would stick to those lockdown "orders" much longer any way. People were already well on their way to disobeying before the lifting and some re-opening started.
Hey, Toots, look at the bright side. We seem to share lower class detractors---few in number, fewer in literary or other talents. All few with stage four TD-HD Syndrome. And replete with good old fashion 'do as we say, not as we do'. Yep, CHINESE VIRUS, CHINESE VIRUS, CHINESE VIRUS. Bears repeating by the clued of the world. You write it, girl.
V, it is the Chinese virus. ironically, this virus gets me paid a 35.00 bonus every day. this virus prevents my electric and gas from being shut off. this virus buys me time. this mass hoax of something not as deadly as one would think has bought me some time. i'm just sitting and watching, until i punch the clock.
Well done Ralph, it's not easy to argue for rationality when you are surrounded by know nothings who believe in conspiracy theories......
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