What does the term ,Thats A womens state mean...?

Just want to know this because I have fiends who have women who drink A lot and when A confrontation arises trouble is shortly behind it.one case the lady goes to my friends home starts violently kicking his stuff around ,later the cops show up ,called by A neighbor.She runs out the door and says to the cops,He hit me ..! later hes in cuffs all while hes trying to explain what happened is this right.....? does this mean its A womens state..? help me out here...?
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This all means that you live around violent people?

Seriously- after reading your paragraph, I have No idea how you came up with the Heading?

A women's state to means that it has, great jobs for women, great secure living protected from idiot's. Men that make money more than 100 K a year? And the Female Ratio to male ratio.

Now- What did you say again? confused
A great Female To Male Ratio...cool
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