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The attack started at exactly 2am.

I have no idea from where this came. Sometimes I think they just materialise from thin air. Very difficult to find during daytime, their camouflage is something any army can learn from, and how they home in on their night attacks shows they have some advanced heat seeking ability for blood. Minute Draculas. The buzzing sound is loud enough to wake you from a deep sleep, and ominous enough to keep you awake.

So groggily you push off the covers determined to hunt down this enemy to sleep. Except that these flying nuisances have this knack of disappearing the second you decide to wage war on them, only to return to attack again the minute you switch off the light, exasperated, frustrated, defeated, but determined to fumigate the room come daylight. Except you don’t always do, thinking they’re somehow gone and you’re ok.
Which of course you wouldn’t be, and go through the buzzing, the attacks, with subsequent exasperations and another sleepless night searching for the bastards.

For of course, after losing a two hour battle, switching on the bedside light and getting out of bed several times in the process, sleep afterwards becomes impossible.So headphones, Spotify and Queen nostalgia take up the rest of the night.

But determination is peaked to seek and destroy come dawn. In the meantime, Queen drowns any buzzing.

And a reminder that the corona virus is still invisibly ‘buzzing’ about too, so act safe and stay safe.


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