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physics political humor

(with apologies to Heisenberg) I am suggesting there exists a Trump uncertainty principle that states Trump's political positions and their destructive velocity can not be predicted, only viewed in retrospect to the resulting chaos. Strangely enough that does not keep Trump from pretending he knows everything about anything.

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And yet, the more Trump gets involved, the more certain, that chaos will take place and the more severe it will become and the greater the quantum b.s. that will flow from him.
Putin must be quite pleased with his efforts that helped get him elected.
Apologies indeed are in order, as it's momentum, and not its mere half sister velocity-destructive or otherwise. And the issue of initial conditions likewise enters in here. Further, the original principle was not meant to be an either or. Rather, it's a trade off-one decreases, but not necessarily in exact corresponding unity value, with a rise in the other. The Tao of physics, many believe, at a most fundamental level. Also, the relationship goes both ways-initial defined location to momentum, and vise versa. Finally, linking formal chaos principles into the mix is completely off base, both historically and otherwise. But the details would be wasted on those with community college backgrounds, who live in fly over country. You bet ya.
Once more, as with the uninformed attempts at assertions in biology and chemistry, we are left with this. But to extend the the pedestrian attempts at humor/enlightenment in a more validly grounded fashion, let's just see.
Initial conditions. And momentum. Recall how up until the wee hours of post election day, the hitherto gloating lockstep media, and proto -TD-HDS victims, saw Hilary as a dirty criminal shoe-in. Around midnight, things began to change, (many were glued to the TV), and the plates full of crow were soon on all the tables, with knives and forks for all. Heard it in the spin talk, and saw it in the depressed body language. Indeed, we at the Vierk Institute see these as the yin and yang of Trump Derangement-Hilary Deficit Syndromes. These syndromes are hardly in even partial remission, three years on, as the blog and post here clearly show.
Yet, by analogy with early experimental particle physics, pols and their left biased media, not to mention federal bureaus/judges, kept up their attempts to do an end run on reality. The democratic EC mandate election, as with basic principles in physics, would not be bullied into submission. All without a tad of success, and at great cost.
And in spite of the growing knowledge base, and demonstrated progress, not to mention the incredible strength displayed in fending off the illegal onslaughts, we now have a really unpredictable, unstable, high spin number particle to deal with. Yep, folks, and now he claims that if you don't vote for him, you are no longer a proud member of your race. Can't make any of this up, peebles.
But it's all a source of fun. And of humour. And it will continue after November. With an even stronger quick draw equalized, the SCOTUS. More secure borders. Better behaved NATO and the one state PRC. Again booming economy. And, oh, so much more, in terms of realities. How's them for apples?
Vierkaesehoch - not only are your thoughts incoherent, but you have ZERO sense of humor.

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