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Kayleigh McEnany reminds journalists how to do their job

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She is Brilliant !!
Her husband is a very lucky man. heart wings

laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh
2nd time you've uploaded that Merc

You wouldn't by chance be a bit jealous of the young lady, would you?
To try and blame President Donald John Trump for any medical equipment shortages left by Obummer is ludicrous when for over 3 years the dipocrats have spent all their waking hours trying to illegally take down our dully elected (& innocent of any charges they have brought against him) President.
He has done the job as President better then any other previous President, (or any other politician for that matter). It's a miracle has has been able to accomplish all he has, given all the unwarranted opposition he constantly deals with.
If we are to blame anybody for low stockpiles, it has to be the crooked libnut politicians & their lapdogs in the press who constantly hound him.

Anybody who's against President Donald John Trump, is for politics as usual. And we all know what politics as usual is.
thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up .........Well said bigjohn

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