Might have to find a wife

drinking drinking drinking drinking drinking drinking drinking drinking
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So sorry chancer, someone beat you too it and married me..........
What is wrong, tired of cooking, cleaning up after yourself ohhhn....... yes that is a bummer for sure
Well now that really does mess up the recent cost modelling analysis
We must help this man find a wife, so let's see what we can do for him
First he needs to tell us what he is looking for exactly...............teddybear
Jenny broken heart
Or let him sleep it off.drinking
Ashlander that's a sweet song. Thank you smile
Oxycodone who are these models that you speak of professor
Happy Hunting!
I'd introduce you to this one, but she's kinda got a hangover right now, err and most mornings. beer
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Jesus Robert yeah, i'd have to give her mug a right scrub. Are any of those rock ladies single?
This will pass
Perhaps i should have named it might have to find "wives"

Uh-oh this expanded quickly, and I'm guessing the beer fueled your testosterone.laugh
says one of the most eligible bachelors
Now you are getting greedy chancer, not nice.............
he could be polyamorous.
Good night
he doesn't want to play

you asked for the pet rock girl?
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She's Rockin', Robert!
With such an intelligent introduction to your sarcastic blog question? It's the single life for you! rolling on the floor laughing
Here's to a peaceful life cheers laugh wink
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