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I served my country

and was willing to lay down my life so that the Tool-In Chief can play golf on Memorial Day. Good to know that my service meant something. laugh

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You didn't die in vain, Cranky. sad flower
Do you think his time would be better spent tweeting? laugh
I thought so too,- i served my country - as it turned out - i served a system and the interests of the global oligarchy
laugh @ Harbal

I wonder how many of members of his family have served in the military. I'm guessing zero without Googling.

Once upon a time we had a Republican president who fought on the front lines, created our National Park System, thrust the U.S.A. into a position of global importance, and actually wanted to serve our country and humanity.

Teddy Roosevelt was at home with a shovel and ax. Do you think Donald Trump has ever even held either, let alone tried to use one?

From a leader who was willing to die for his country to one who has a flunky hand him a sand wedge because he hit a crappy shot into a bunker on Memorial Day.
I think Donald Trump has only got one interest, Cranky: Donald Trump.
Follow me men, I'm right behind you. gotta go
Trump went to Arlington and laid a reef just like Obama or any other president. If you want to attack him find something of substance, otherwise you come off looking like a partisan hack.

Breitbart? Really Soony? Tells me all I need to know about you. Go away. Your opinion is not valued or relevant.

Here's the thing, Obama, Dubya, Clinton were all crap. The last individual that was President that I had any respect for as a man was Bush senior. He actually was a stand up guy who fought for his country and believed in something other than his own ambition.
Screw you CG. I was in the service during the Vietnam war. I don't give a happy rats a** if a president plays golf on Memorial Day or not. If you really did serve and this is not some sort of stolen valor bs then I can't see why you would care either. So there.
I think on memorial day we should remember how things came to war, like Hitler ditching the constitution, taking the Jewish people's citizenship and human rights away from them.

Trump wanted to take Muslim people's American citizenship away from them. He wants to ditch the constitution, notably in his trying to normalise the idea of him remaining president for more than two terms. He's blocking remote voting and uses other voting suppression methods not only affecting the voting rights of the demographic who are likely to vote Democrat, but perhaps everyone if covid infection rates are high in November.

So, lest we forget, the kind of personality disordered malignant narcissist who is likely to create a war on a world scale is Donald Trump himself.

Is it at all surprising that he's playing golf on memorial day?
PS. My mum was thrilled when the American soldiers arrived in Germany. She probably wouldn't have lived much longer if they hadn't.
Let me qualify my comment by saying I am not a vet - I did not go to Nam as I failed the physical - not with a bone spur letter, but a bad heart. But I have to go along with Cranky on this. Trump does not measure up as leader on any score.

On a related note I think the way the US treats its warriors is appalling. We could and should do better.
Sounds like a pissing contest to me.
At ease Soldier.wink
General Bone Spurs appears morbidly obese, inactive, and over 70. At high risk of Covid related mortality. The country can't afford to pay the hospital bills for these kinds of lazy slobs.
Embedded image from another site
I am a combat vet, served US Army 1989 to 2011. I want to thank all of you who love our country and have sacrificed everything for our country, no matter who you are you have my gratitude and respect.
Trump's golf trips have cost the taxpayers about $134,000,000
He hasn't been in office a full term yet and he's played golf at least 119 times.

Plus, he cheats at golf.

and Trump had the audacity to complain about Obama golfing, yet he far exceeds Obama's golfing.
P.S. Thanks to ALL who have served the country honorably. thumbs up thumbs up
Yes thanks to all who have served. This is a day we should be thankful for the sacrifices of our fallen brothers and not bickering over petty shit.
Yep golfing & tweeting.

I'm glad your still here with us hug
Geezer did you have a couple of foot spurs? giggle
@ jac If your mom looked up at just the right time, she may have seen my brother falling from a plane hanging from a gigantic silk parachute. He did that 3 times. He came home with a purple heart from shrapnel he got during the battle of the bulge and a Scottish lassie named Ella he met and married. They gave me 4 nieces and a nephew.
I remember one day my mother got a letter from Bobby which contained 3 hundred dollar bills, 1 or each combat jump he made. My mother was bitterly crying after reading the letter. I asked my older sister "Why is momma crying, she should be happy with all this money? I realize now that she cried thinking how much danger my brother was in and she could lose her oldest son.
I'm not a great fan of armed combat, but if ever there was a time it was justified, it was WWII.

The fact that it was based upon conscription only leaves me more in awe of the ordinary people like your brother, Ooby, who were so extraordinary and brave in their service to humankind.

The chances of your brother and my mum having crossed paths is probably quite slim, but it was American soldiers who filled her mug with soup. She was too malnourished to eat it all at once, so my grandmother would reheat it bit by bit for her.
"Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime."
-- Ernest Hemingway

I couldn't agree with that more, Mic.

That's why memorial day should be about how it came to pass, as well as those who passed.
Well Said cheers

Hey Ms. the_gripper --
Have you ever considered joining Veterans For Peace?

It was started in the U.S. by vets opposed to the Vietnam War & now has chapters Worldwide, including the UK ...

Good folks & sounds like you'd fit in well ...

Membership is Not limited to vets.

The Principles of VFP -- Laid out some 40 years prior to the founding of VFP ...

Our Chapter's most Senior member ...

... 98 yo "Pinky" Behlen -- WWII Nurse in the ETO.

The "Tool-in Chief" gets do what he wants.

He is a DO AS I SAY, kind guy.
Noted Mic, thankyou for the information.
tip hat

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