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Time. How it seems to pass.

Sure, it's considered a dimension of its own, and seems to change in some circumstances of motion and gravity. But for us humans, it really can SEEM to vary a great deal, depending on circumstances of our own.
This morning I couldn't believe how slowly it seemed to move.
Then again, recalling our twins growing up, when looking back, two decades seemed to fly by. There seem to be different environments, when time changes slowly, or very fast. How so?
Well, when focusing on the clock, time does pass slowly. A watched pot of water never boils.
Staying busy, especially at a job, and time seems to fly by..
As mentioned, time spent raising kids is another such example.
But this morning, time seemed to creep by for me. Of course, in some forms of stroke, these sorts of things can occur. And during severe trauma, especially in youth, protective hypnotic states can make time seem to change. Sadly, it can become ingrained, as a go to experience, whenever facing stress, even decades later. Not particularly adaptive to adult life.
Who knows? Perhaps visiting aliens, much more advanced than we are, can alter time for us.
Who really knows?

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Maybe because time flies when you're enjoying yourself and drags when you're not. Then you realise you've got old and there's nothing you can do! laugh
Well, lt, it certainly seems to have something to do with liking what we are doing, but the results on how we see time pass differ. For example, I used to do repetitive machinist production work in a German factory, while on university breaks. Made thousands of nuts and bolts for German cars. Wasn't fun, but if I got into a sort of auto hypnotic grove, time went very fast between breaks. But when I spent time while working talking with my Turkish, Yugoslavian, Portuguese, and other guest worker friends, which conversations really interested me, time went by as with a turtle walking.

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