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The silly reason.

Some time ago, perhaps as little as one million years, perhaps as much as one hundred million years ago, the Spider Species and the Ant Species began a war that continues to this day. The reason being, as far as I have been able to determine and based upon its lowest common denominator, was all over a simple misunderstanding.

Way back when each Species kept their separate lives separate, before the misunderstanding that led to all out war, an Ant would show any aggressor its two front pointing legs and much as the Human does now, raise them above their head to indicate no weapons are being held. Now, for Humans anyway, it is simply understood as a sign of surrender but showing the one being surrendered to, no weapons are being held and no aggression will be forthcoming.

If Ants could be said to have sayings one might have been, never carry a weapon onto a potential battle field. A weapon implies one has already gone to war before the fighting has begun.

Spiders, on the other hand, raise their front mandibles and sometimes their front facing legs as well, one as a sign of threat and two, intent of immanent attack.

Now imagine an Ant and a Spider first crossing paths. Neither could speak the other’s language, if indeed either had language skills at that stage. So each raised their front legs, one as a sign of non aggression and one as a sign of aggression.

The misunderstanding came about when each thought the other’s actions were implemented on their personal interpretation of what each was seeing. The Ant accepted the Spider’s action as a sign of non aggression and the Spider accepted the Ant’s action as a threat with intent of implementing an attack, if the Spider did not back off.

The Ant, seeing the Spider was clearly indicating it was unarmed as well as non aggressive began to move forward intending to pass peacefully.

The Spider saw this as an act of intimidation and further re-enforced its belief of facing an aggressive nature.

That physical fight did not last long, not in the greater scheme of existence, and it would be impossible for me to say which one won or even if that fight had a winner.

What came out of it was a Spider will almost always stand its ground even against a creature the size of a person, while Ants prefer to hit and run.
Not that I could possibly know that.

All I really do know is the war that blossomed out of that single fight, all those millions of years past, for both a simple and silly reason, remains ongoing to this day.


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