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New suspect in Madeline McCann case.

Are police getting close to finally solving this case? I sure hope so.

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Possibly, but some of the info such as the vehicles and phone logs have been around for sometime.

This is a significant break-through, and I sincerely hope they catch the person or persons who did this.

They left their children on their own to go out for the evening. Their irresponsibility robbed their daughter of her life.

Countless children out there are subject to this but they never get the media attention. Now why do you think that is?
They left their children in a holiday complex which they were lead to believe was safe, specifically in a safe area.

They dined with friends at the holiday complex near where they and their friends had left their children.

They declined the holiday complex's baby sitting services which offered to have someone check on the children every thirty minutes. Instead, they followed the accepted protocol, but instead took turns to check on the children every 30 minutes themselves.

They may have become absorbed and mistimed the exact 30 minutes, but that could have happened if the baby sitting service had been employed, especially if the baby sitter had his, or her 'rounds' disrupted by a child waking up.

It's a method of childcare that has been used and accepted for decades. I remember it from going to Butlins in Minehead when I was two years old. I recall my parents only went out once in the evening and probably didn't like the 'adult' entertainment. I remember being a bit miffed that they didn't use the service again, probably because the baby sitters were young and lovely.

To accuse the McCann's of behaving irresponsibly and so being complicit in the disappearance of Madeline is unwarranted and unfair. Pretty much all cases of children going missing involve allowing them to go to the shop, their school, play in their own garden, or a momentary distraction, or loss of concentration as in the James Bulger case.

What blaming the parents achieves, rather than seeing the perpetrator(s) as solely responsible, is soothing to our own sense of safety. We think it could never happen to us because we would never behave that irresponsibly, but we all at some point have to let our children go to the shop, or walk to school, or stay with a friend. We all at some point have to let our children out of our sight in order for them to grow. Something could happen to them at any point because of a decision we have made without the benefit of hindsight.
Jac - I totally agree with you. In the US we now have what is called Helicopter Parenting, where the parents hover over the children protectively, knocking aside roadblocks impending the kids road to success. I was what is commonly called latch key kid, as both my parents worked. I not only walked or biked to events like school, but fixed dinner every evening. Come evening I frequently disappeared out the door to go visit friends, or just take a long walk.
It's understandable that parents have become over-protective. I'm in the middle of a line of over-protective parents because, whilst the incidence of someone doing something terrible to your child is relatively rare if you add up everything including events like the Holocaust, the consequences are catastrophic.

But even the most smothering of us has to make judgement calls at some point in order not to be abusive to our children ourselves.
I think I read something about grooming gangs preying on children in Europe these days.
I think there is a vast difference with allowing your child room to grow....and leaving a 4 year old alone with 1 year twins in a room on their own for lengthy periods of is that an aid to their growth?

Saying that I dont agree with pinning the blame solely on them....god knows they are suffering what any parent would deem their worst nightmare....sadly they have to live with the possibility that they will never see her again be that alive or dead.
The link in my argument is that all parents have to make judgement calls about the safety of their children, Deedee.

The link wasn't that Madeline and her siblings needed to learn some independence.
Your arguement came on the heel of someone blasting the McCann's for making a poor choice....with providing your own opinions on how parents make judgement calls..

I agree they shouldn't be blamed....but their choice and the choice of allowing ones child to grow are two different categories...IMO

Not looking to argue ...just stating an opinion.

They have to live their lives knowing what they did not do. Seeing other children the same age as there daughter, past and present. Not seeing her grow up must be painful beyond any imagination. If only we did this if only we took them with us.

The Portuguese police were too quick to judge them but all lines of enquiry had to be investigated no matter how unfair it may feel or seem at the time.

A tragedy happened.

Protocols are just that, they don’t always safeguard.

We should not be complacent with the safety and security when it comes to children.

To accuse me of blaming is wrong and you cannot cover it all no matter how compelling your argument may be. Because there is no blame, it’s acknowledging how a parent feels and yes, they do blame themselves and have to live knowing that. Makes me shudder right to the very core.

How do you live with that for the rest of your life?

What made it such a global story?

I have worked in some really hostile and violent environments. I was in Abuja when the bomb went off at Banex plaza. I was travelling with 37 children along with 12 teachers on the school bus. As soon as I heard that boom I knew exactly what to do. My duty along with the teachers was to get everyone to a safe place. Within 2 minutes of the bomb going off Jac the school phone was hopping with calls from parents. I could not take them all at once but I had a safety measure in place. I sent every parent and guardian a text message to let them know we were on the bus heading back to the school. Every 15 minutes I sent another text to let them know where we were on route.

Children go missing all the time and it is horrific to what lengths adults will go to to get their own way. When you experience what children go through first hand on a global scale it makes you realise how unsafe this world really is.

You have sites like porn hub out there abusing young girls and boy because of the content that is uploaded. There is a campaign going on right now to stop credit card companies accepting payments from them. One has already stopped it and their transactions have dropped, not just by 5% either.

It’s not just about this case, it’s about all of them but I will always question why it got so much coverage for so long. What made this case so different from many others?

Yes I understand the lines of enquiry and collecting evidence, the length of time they take, the constant cross checking and validating, then acting on what you have.

There is so much going on out there that you simply don’t know about and never will, because you are not directly involved with it. So therefore you can’t experience those that do work towards breaking the cycles of modern day slavery, child trafficking, looking for missing children. That is not criticising your knowledge or continued personal development or you ability to debate which has come along way since way back when these forums were rolling. Some people simply have more experience than others in their field of work, without having to go into the detail.

In reference to your post about grooming in Europe.

It has been going on for years and years. They have links on a global basis. Operate in the dark web and hidden links on certain websites, FB and all social media sites are a deadly haven for what you speak of and it’s worldwide.

All common knowledge. Remember Operation Ore?
My apologies to Mr & Mrs McCann sad flower
I always felt they were somehow involved in Madeline's disappearance.

Also always felt she lays with rocks deep in pale blue waters near a shiny one eyed look out stand.

But often I am wrong.
I'm not really familiar with Operation Ore. The grooming gangs didn't get a lot of coverage in the US. Just seems like the authorities allow the rapes to go on for a long time.
I think the girl died by accident but the parents covered it up.
Why wouldn't they hire a sitter? They have the money!
There was no kidnapper...
Who knows how much money was spent looking for a girl that they knew was dead. SHAME.
How strange, only minutes ago I was looking for this blog uncertain

Only to say .....
my eyes are turned back again to the parents, mainly the mom detective
I could never understand how the mcCanns went jogging the day after she went missing. I can't help how I feel. Also the snuggle Cat that little Madeline hugged and carried with her was put in the washing machine by Kate mcCann as soon as Maddie went missing. If I were a mother I would want to hold that cat, to get the scent of my daughter.
I followed this case ~ not in shoddy gutter press papers. I am aware that the Maddie was hyperactive and had been found wandering outside the apartment. A lady had reported this. It is said [notice it is said ] that Maddie had to be given something akin to Calpol to get her to sleep.

The Apartments themselves had a creche. It was something like 4euro a night, it was where you took the child or kids and then collected them.

The problem now is that the portugese police who always and still maintain that the McCanns took the child and put the body somewhere after a mistake eg overdose perhaps. Are the ones responsible and the Germans now coming up with this and asking for previous old DNA found in the apartment is not been given out by the Portugese police and DNA forensics have come such a long way since I feel they should. They are acting like children. This guy lived in the resort for many years and raped a 70yr old woman, and has spoken about having his camper van for children. He is a known rapist and paedophile as well as entering apartments dressed in womens clothes and raping young women.
I often thought that if it were working class couple it would have said on the paper 'home alone kids ' but the mc Canns became unpopular because they were robust in their use of media and even saw the pope. Gerry McCann is now a professor and Kate does some voluntary work with dementia patients in taking them out, and keeping a medical eye on their condition. Her face is etched with pain, whatever happened they have suffered more than anyone. The sniffer dogs found blood in the back of the McCanns car. I am not out to get anyone just making a few points. A child the spitting image of Maddie [like a twin ] went missing very close to where this German guy was living in a run down farm. He lived in squalor and had child porn hidden under a pile of bones. He had several UK girlfriends whilst living there for 12 years and one has come forward as he was abusive physically with her. I pray that this will end, and the parents will get closure as it is pure torture. Poor little Maddie, so innocent.
PS German Detectives have said that Maddie is definitely dead and that they have a good idea where the body is. Obviously they have been doing a lot of work. Some of the portugese police work was shoddy and slipshod.
FBI psychological forensic detectives looking and studying the body language of the mcCanns said they were both telling lies. The Oprah winfrey interview was particularly interesting, and the eye movements and way that Kate McCann seemed annoyed at being asked certain questions did not endear her to Oprah Winfrey, and it was a great chance to get on one of the most watched programmes.
All I am doing is saying what I have studied and read so don't shoot the messenger. I would love if she was alive but alas she is only one of many. most Indian children taken daily have parents who go to police who just are not interested as child trafficking for porn and selling on to paedophiles is big business. sad flower
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