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who is in the wrong - one might ask - your answer speaks about you

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During a peaceful protest in London on Sunday night a group of 300 protesters who were observing social distancing were kettled into a small space with some force by officers in riot gear for a period of 6 hours without food, water, or toileting facilities.

They were eventually slowly released, sometimes one by one so they had no independent witness present. On released they were each surrounded by a large group of police to have their photo and personal details taken.

Many were young, some minors. They were detained long after public transport had closed for the night many with no battery life on their phones, and little money.

It has been reported that one young woman was hit with a baton by a police officer in riot gear for asking to be released because her dad was expecting to meet up with her.

There were some disturbances, but protesters who had thrown water bottles at police escaped the kettling.
Search -- A.C.A.B.


A.C.A.B. === stands for All Cops Are Bastards - the phrase has it origins within the racist skinhead population. How Mic uses it, we know not.
There are times when we all would like to give our bosses a bloody nose. laugh

You think they didn't know him? yawn
doesdare2 - how does your response address the implied question ? Who is in the wrong when it comes police brutality? The Police? The recipient of excess force? OR maybe politicians for dumping so many societal functions on our police departments?
I think the cartoon turns it into a farce. Maybe if you had used a realistic image of what actually happened I would have given you a more serious answer.
doesdare2 - point taken - I choose the image as an attention grabber. Your criticism is a legitimate response.
No harm, no foul. cheers
How Mic uses it, we know not.
I shared this fairly recently:
"The New York Times recently used a picture of an anti-fascist demonstrator from *Portland holding a shield with ACAB on it, in an article about Antifa.
KGW set out to Verify: what does it mean and where did it start?

Randy Blazak, a sociologist
"ACAB has been kind of connected with the anarchist movement for a while in terms of the issues around police brutality. And it's an acronym for all cops are bastards, which is sort of meant at this point, I think, to reflect the perception that police are a subculture that reinforces some of the racist policing that we've seen," said Blazak.

The acronym reportedly started in the 1940s by strikers in the U.K. after run-ins with police.

It was revived in the 1980s by a British punk band with the song A.C.A.B.

The term has also been used as a way to protest capitalism.

After the death of George Floyd, the acronym has been seen all over social media and at demonstrations as a way to protest police."
Promulgated by Antifa,which George Soros Internationallysponsors.

He also all held meetings in London with Global Financiers and Non-incumbant Presidents for years.
oros gave $27 million to the 2008 campaign of Obama for president because he felt that the values of Barack Obama and himself were very similar. In 2016 George Soros gave Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates $25 million and was very influential in her decisions previously as Secretary of State. Soros has five children and some are involved in liberal causes.

George Soros advises officials to control the news and TV networks.

The influence of relatives on Obama’s staff on ABC, CBS, and NBC determines what news we hear and what we don’t hear. David Rhodes, president of CBS News is the brother of Ben Rhodes, White House National Security Advisor. Claire Shipman, a senior national correspondent at ABC, is married to Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary. Ben Sherwood, president of ABC, is the brother of Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood, a special advisor to President Obama. Virginia Moseley is a CNN vice president and CNN’s Washington Bureau Chief, and is married to Tom Niles, a Deputy Secretary of State under Barack Obama. Chuck Todd, moderator of MSNBC, Meet the Press, and political director of NBC, is married to Kristan Todd who provides direct mail and consulting for Democratic candidates and progressive causes. Lester Holt, NBC, continually lied about Trump’s opposition to the Iraq war. Hillary gave talks to the Goldman-Sachs bank for $675,000 and refused to release the text of her speeches.

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton worked to approve the sale of 3.7 billion dollars worth of Boeing jets to Russia and the Clinton Foundation received $900,000 from Boeing. Hillary also did nothing to stop the sale of 20 percent of our uranium to Russia. After that the Clinton Foundation received 2.35 million dollars from Uranium One, the previous owner of the uranium mines, and Bill Clinton got $500,000 for a speech from a Russian bank involved in the transaction. The U.S. already purchases 80 percent of our uranium to operate our nuclear plants from foreign suppliers. This transaction jeopardized our security by keeping us dependent on foreign suppliers. The Clinton Foundation also received $31.3 million for Bill Clinton’s influence in the sale of Kazakhstan’s uranium to Uranium One, now a Russian company. Russia now controls 75 percent of the world’s uranium.
History 101
Continue to rest in peace Michael Brown.
We learned nothing more after Ferguson unrest.
(We did though).
As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton couldn’t approve the sale of Uranium One.
Because the Canadian-based Uranium One has mines in Wyoming, U.S. authorities were compelled to review the sale of this company to Rosatom. The Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States (“CFIUS”) is charged with reviewing foreign investments with potential impacts on national security. It has nine members:

The Secretaries of Treasury, State, Defense, Homeland Security, Commerce, and Energy;
The Attorney General;
United States Trade Representative and Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy
While CFIUS reviews transactions and flags security threats, it does not have the power to stop them; only the President can do that. In her capacity as Secretary of State, Clinton’s objection could not have stopped the sale, nor could she have unilaterally approved it. The Secretary of State is one of nine votes within CFIUS that makes a recommendation to the President to accept or reject. In this case, the committee did not raise any security concerns. Furthermore, even right wing media cites no direct evidence that she intervened on Uranium One’s behalf, for or against.

The deal did not transfer any uranium from the U.S. to Russia, let alone “20 percent of U.S. uranium” to Russian ownership.
Where does the “20 percent” claim even come from? First, there is a big difference between capacity and supply. Uranium One’s Wyoming facilities could theoretically process 20 percent of uranium produced domestically in the United States, but production capacity does not equal physical supply, and those facilities have never produced anywhere near that quantity. Moreover, no uranium was transferred to Russia from the United States. The United States already imports the overwhelming majority of uranium it uses from countries like Kazakhstan, Canada, and Russia.

After Rosatom acquired Uranium One, it couldn’t just export uranium from the United States to Russia anyway. Why? The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) would have to grant an export license first, which it didn’t do. In fact, the NRC made clear in 2010 that “no uranium produced at either facility may be exported” to Russia. While a small shipment of yellowcake uranium received approval for export from the United States to Canada in 2012—with the Obama administration then approving the transfer of a portion of that shipment to Europe—no exports of uranium from those facilities have taken place since.
You are on the right track.Getting hotter.thumbs up
Quality Division of the Department of Environmental Quality in Cheyenne and Sheridan, Wyoming, or the Crook County Clerk's Office, Sundance, Wyoming. [Water for the refreshment of your horses is provided at the entry.]
Submit comments before the close of business [??? - Saturday!], June 15, 2019.
The rest is probably interesting too.
British pigs on the run from peaceful protesters.head banger
Joe Biden's campaign slogan:
"We are in a battle for the soul of this Nation."
A.C.A.B. --

Thanks for the definition, Patti cheers

That last sentence is the context in which I've seen it used at a few rallies I've attended.

ACAB originated in the UK, but the Concept (with local variations) is becoming a Worldwide movement.
Soon's "Pig Herding" vid captures the essence laugh

In some countries which lack Bill Of Rights style Freedom Of Speech, use of the Acronym is a criminal offense -- Activists in such jurisdictions use the code, 1312 -- the numerical value of the letters.

In Most countries, the translation is simply ACAB translated directly into the common language.
Poland is an exception -- CHWDP translates roughly to "Fúck The Police In The Áss!"
HARSH!! very mad

If y'all see/hear it used at rallies, you'll know the meaning -- Thanks Again, Patti wave


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