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The Outlaws, Hell's Angels and Bikers For Trump to retake Seattle on July 4th. Expect 10,000 bikers

On July 4th, Independence Day, a coalition of patriot groups and all who want to join are going to retake the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone for America. Antifa members are illegally occupying public property and terrorizing small businesses in the neighborhood. American patriots have agreed to come together again, remove the barricades illegally obstructing traffic, and free the people in the zone.

We are not going to hurt anybody, break the law, etc. We are simply going to tear down the illegal barriers on public property, clean up the mess these communist kids made, and return the police station over to Seattle Police Department control.

*The staging area will be Seward Park. The parking lot can handle roughly 10,000 bikes easily.

The mayor of Seattle and the governor of Washington, both Democrats, have no idea what to do.

Seattle Bound ? outlaws and Hells Angels with the ??
#BikersForTrump are on their way to Seattle to get Antifas asses.

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Willy, keep us posted, I want to watch this, hope it covered live. boxing
The governor and mayor are a joke. Dems won't restore law and order. It's like this in blue states where there has been rioting. They won't bring in the National Guard like they should.
Why choose the 4th July? dunno
4th of July is America's Independence Day.
I know that Willy, but even though I would like to see this event, Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, I wouldn't like it to take from Independence Day celebrations.
What better way to celebrate freedom that liberating an illegally seized city like Seattle ? The bikers will show the world how we value our freedom and will not let subversives interfere with our way of life.
Yeah, but in the meantime this means prolonged agony for the business owners within those confines.
Exactly, why wait? Are they giving time for authorities to deal with it?
As this continues over time, these riff raff gain more notoriety, recognition, and credibility. thumbs down
You know nothing of Seattle or the people that live there. Which makes me wonder why you you know what's best for them. And No Seward Park is NOT a good local for 10,000 motor bike meet. The park is a quiet pastoral place used by joggers, in-lne skaters, and nesting bald eagles, not bikers reeving up their Harley's. Harley's are meant for the open roads, not the steep narrow side stress that feed into Seward Park. These bikers would be better off visiting Eastern Washington for their 4th of July gala. Oklahoma would better yet.

And Yes I lived in Seattle, within walking distance of Seward Park.
I read somewhere that 90% of Angels were ordinary bikers, they probably just want a ride out.
Likewise I would ask what do you people of the Seattle Capital Hill neighbor. Likely nothing. A favored phrase spoken to disgruntled outsiders is - "IF you don't like it, Go back where you came from."
You can dress it up however you like, Willy, but when you boil it own, it's just silly Americans playing Cowboys and Indians.
OG You are right I know very little about Seattle other than watching football or baseball games from there. I also know if you allow anarchy to take over a part of any city and you do not respond you are only inviting others to do the same in other cities. Many people worked hard for their businesses in that district and nothing gives the rioters any right to infringe on their shops and stores. The Mayor is apparently impotent in her powers to reclaim the city or just plain scared of the anarchists. Like it or not 2nd Amendment supporters are right now loading up and will not stand for this and the result will be they will take back their city one way or another. We don't need any more bloodshed and we don't need any more lawless activity by people who have no legal claim to any of it.
Would bikers have a vested interest in this?
Screw the Hell's Angels. Last time I had any dealings with those thugs is when they ruined a Halloween (Monster Mash) car show where I was vending. There were hundreds of families and young children attending when they rolled up saw a member of The Pagans minding his own business and decided to beat him with crowbars until he was bloody and unconscious. Show over. Children horrified. Take your "peaceful" BS and shove it.
Well if it is anything like the original summer of love the bikers are probably just going to get laid ...and smoke a little weed. party
Willy, is it possible you and yours are sticking your nose into things you know NOTHING about? OR maybe you don't like minority groups of which places like Seattle abound. Back in Seattle days, Capital Hill was populated by minority groups like the Deaf, Orientals and a wide assortment of counter culture groups. Are these the groups you want see tamed by the National Guard? Speaking of counter culture, one the biggest employers on the hill is REI, a Cooperative several decades old that markets outdoor equipment and experiences. Then there is the community college that mostly serves the Deaf community.

I suggest you stick with Oklahoma. Maybe lead chorus of Surrey With The Fringe On Top.

When I take you out, tonight, with me,
Honey, here's the way it's goin' to be,
You will set behind a team of snow white horses,
In the slickest gig you ever see!
Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry
When I take you out in the surrey,
When I take you out in the surrey with the fringe on top!
Watch that fringe and see how it flutters
When I drive them high steppin' strutters.
Nosey pokes'll peek thru' their shutters and their eyes will pop!
The wheels are yeller, the upholstery's brown,
The dashboard's genuine leather,
With isinglass curtains y' can roll right down,
In case there's a change in the weather.
Two bright sidelight's winkin' and blinkin',
Ain't no finer rig I'm a-thinkin'
You can keep your rig if you're thinkin' 'at I'd keep to swap
Fer that…
Is the sit-in a peaceful protest?

Embedded image from another site
Soony - this is for you, It could well help you get laid - I can't help you find weed to smoke

The motor cycle gangs are dangerous criminal gangs to varying degrees. They support Trump and hate cops. laugh
They are doing this stunt to try to make the public think they are a public service club. If Trump can pull it off they can too!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Seattle may have less problems with bikers arriving than with trucks (and the stuff they bring) NOT arriving ...

"As cities across the country are discussing defunding or disbanding their police departments, truck drivers are voicing concerns of safety. Seventy-seven percent of truck drivers say they will refuse to deliver freight to cities with defunded police departments." talk to hand

That would presumably include those taken over by groups such as Antifa.
More @

It's a variation on an old fashioned siege, I imagine -- Cut off needed supplies & those in charge will be forced to return authority to the city & police.


Not a problem, Mic, Seattle gets most of its goods via rail road and sea ports. IS that the best you can do? To borrow from the Donald - "SO SAD".
A LOT OF LIES ABOUT THIS ON FOX NEWS! The Trumpies and Trump are trying to use scare tactics and fraud to misrepresent the meaning of defund and disband police departments ! For instance "the Dems will make you starve to death by defunding police departments"- good job Mic! What a crappy post!


Calls to defund and dismantle police forces are growing, but what exactly does that mean?
Many look to the example of Camden, New Jersey, when discussing what cities may look to achieve on police reform

"For years, Camden, New Jersey, was known as the murder capital of the United States. The city of 74,000 'people would record murder rates six times the national average and was plagued by open-air drug markets, robberies, looting and violence.

In November 2012, Scott Thomson, Camden’s then-chief of police, decided to conduct a radical overhaul of policing — disbanding the city’s 141-year-old local force and handing law enforcement of the city over to the county police department.

Many of the laid-off officers were rehired by the county at lower salaries and fewer benefits, which ultimately doubled the size of the county police department. More officers were assigned to patrol the streets — a “trust-building tactic,” Thomson told Bloomberg last week, to increase non-crisis interactions between officers and residents. Police were also required to undergo de-escalation training, wear body cameras and adhere to stricter rules on the use of force in the line of duty.

Seven years later, the homicide rate in Camden has more than halved, from 69 in 2012 to 25 in 2019"

Embedded image from another site
Willly, why don't you ask Trump what he has in mind. At one point he was talking about bringing in US troops, tanks and all, into US cities. The kind of the Nazi did in Germany. IS that how Trump plans to win the 2020 election? By bringing the Troops?
Profile Deleted
This emergency rescue (planned to go ahead in three weeks' time) sounds like vigilantism to me.

I wonder how many of the outlaws, hell's angels and bikers supporting this idea are from ethnic minority groups, or normally go about supporting law enforcement.

I do hope it gets sorted peaceably (in the apparent manner of the protest) before there's a bloodbath.
Willy = "What you are is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now." -- Buddha
^^^^^^ Me again, not a deleted profile.
OG You have a very short memory. Didn't the 2016 election teach you anything? Trump voters are being quiet and not doing polls. Just like '16 the silent majority will rise up in November and ensure another win for Trump and a win for America.
@Willy3411OP•just now•Lawton, Oklahoma USA
OG You have a very short memory. Didn't the 2016 election teach you anything? Trump voters are being quiet and not doing polls. Just like '16 the silent majority will rise up in November and ensure another win for Trump and a win for America

The idea of defunding the police is not to eliminate law enforcement, but to have a police force which doesn't include those who act like brown shirts.

Fewer, better trained, professional police officers who do their jobs according to the law and with healthy community relations.

The money wasted on over-policing with brutality and bias can then be spent on community initiatives to reduce crime.

It's not a new idea Willy. It's working in other countries and is already working in some parts of the US.
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Jac - I can't say as I have read the biker plan for Seattle. Though it sounds half baked if they plan to camp out in Seward Park. The park is not a grassy spit with room aplenty for 10,000 bikers to camp out. The park is about tall trees, running trails and a bird sanctuary.
I wonder if the Buffalo Soldiers are joining them?
Embedded image from another site
Willy - you have a selective memory. And Truth is not included in your narrow recall.
I like this song.head banger
Willy - "Those who have failed to work toward the truth have missed the purpose of living" -- Buddha
OG In our lifetime only 2 incumbents have ever lost a reelection. G.H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. Gerald Ford lost his election but it was not a reelection as he was never elected to begin with.
Actually Willie, the list is whole lot longer than your short memory of things. Here is a link to help out your addled mind,

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