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There are many misconceptions about this ancient practice.
Its main objective is to create a sense of calm and inner harmony, finding awareness and achieving peace.

It is a great stress reducer and it is therefore increasing in popularity these days, in the midst of our busy schedules and demanding lives.


There are various types of meditation and it is important to find one that meets your needs and also your personality, as they require different skills and mindsets.
But it is all about MINDFULNESS and...
Going into the SILENCE.

This is the one I myself practise when I want to connect with my consciousness and receive answers to some specific questions.


Originates from Buddhism and is the most popular technique in the West.
During this meditation, you pay attention to your thoughts passing through your mind, without becoming involved with them. It will require concentration and awareness, and can be easily practised alone – at home or in nature.

Also, it doesn´t require sitting or any particular position, but can be done while walking, dancing or doing Taichi, for example – suit yourself!


This is a very popular method for focussing on goals and manifestation. It doesn’t involve any mantras. Only some imagination and a pure intent, and the use of the five senses.
I also use this method on a regular basis!

For those who find it difficult to meditate, there are some useful guided meditations on youtube for this, but one must be aware and cautious of unwanted subliminal messages! In which case, it is advisable to record your own voice.


Performed at different levels of consciousness (alpha or theta waves) and used to clarify our thoughts, find answers to questions and solutions to problems etc.

I myself like to use the theta waves for some deep healing, and other specific purposes.

Note: Meditation that requires altered states of consciousness, eg Spiritual, Mantra, Transcendental meditation etc. all involve using mantras, reciting certain words or phrases, prayers, etc. while revering a certain deity – inadvertently surrendering power and leaving yourself open to outside influences - which may, or may not be benevolent.

teddybear daisy

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Well said thumbs up thumbs up
Thanks Olde. teddybear

Do you yourself practise any of the above?
YES - I do not do the cross legged OHM thing. My mediation practice came out studying philosophy from a Chinese immigrant. He insisted I learn both Eastern and Western thought.

I do two things. The first I call Time Outs where I sit back and consider my current situation. Sometimes take it as far as to call up a friend to perform what I call a sanity self check. I also write a great deal which helps me clarify my thoughts.
Interesting Olde!

Would you mind explaining what is this "sanity check" that you're referring to? confused
Is it some kind of healing?

And the "friend" you mention..could you please define?
It is easy to get locked into a tunnel vision mindset when you trying to solve a problem or make decision. For instance, given I live on a small tight budget, I hesitate to spend any money on myself. So I call up a friend for what I call a sanity check, a friend that knows me and my tendency to over analyze. What makes me good problem solver for others can be own undoing.
Daniela applause

I ‘rest’ my mind when I listened to soothing mantras. Not exactly the ‘normal usual‘ meditation way but I find this very very relaxing and calming.

Another thing I find calming is the sound of conch shell...that makes the AUM’s like calling your soul back...

Hola Mimi hug

uh oh
As long as you're happy about it?
Olde..ok..thanks for the explanation.
However..I still wonder why you can't do this on your own..without over analysing whatever messages or thoughts that come into your mind?

I's not as easy as it seems. We need to trust our own instincts.

Art goes uh oh uh oh uh oh and then roll eyes roll eyes roll eyes when I have the recording of mantras softly played on my phone grin

I know it’s all foreign to his ears and I don’t expect him to embrace them but he knows I love listening to them so he just let me be...heart beating
Nice to have a man who supports you Mimi
laugh comfort
For me, meditation is focusing on relaxation. In France, there's Sophrology which is a form of positive visualisation of nature auto suggestion of pleasant experiences or self hypnosis, a therapeutic session for anxiety and depression.

It's relaxing to listen to soft music but still not easy to empty my head with an active brain.laugh I know a Swiss married to a Japanese woman who practices Zen but he seems like a zombie, no more reaction or emotion towards anything. Being too much detached from anything is not normal. We still live in a physical world. hug teddybear
The most useful meditation i ever managed to engage in was a breathing meditation. Once i finally manage to complete without thought following distraction finally was able to park my mind, finally got my "I" to stop chasing otherwise never ending thought process...

Breathe in through left nostril and out through the right x 11

Breathe in through right nostril and out through the left x 11

Breathe in through both nostrils and out through the both x 11

x 3

If / when you find yourself grasping onto a thought, start over from beginning...after couple of years trying i sought advice and then still took a few months before i could still my mind.
Hi Rob, Yes, breathing is very powerful indeed!

I myself do Conscious Breathing, which involves

Inhaling through the nose, counting 7,

Holding the breath, counting 7,

Exhaling through the mouth, counting 7

Holding the breath, counting 7

And repeat 7 times.....

This makes you feel a bit giddy but, with practise, you get used to it and can soon alter your state of consciousness.
Good morning Joy, wave

I know it is not easy to "empty" the mind!
Going in complete silence though is very peaceful and relaxing. It´s a kind of self-hypnosis where you can reprogram your subconscious.

Have a nice day! hug teddybear
As for "PRAYING"...WHO or WHAT are people praying to? confused

This is another way to give our power away to some deity and something outside ourselves.

When we "pray"..we are being "prEYED" on !! grin

We have ALL we want inside ourselves! heart wings
Remember the Old Sioux Legend?

We have all the answers WITHIN ourselves! applause
Hey Dani, i was wondering where your meditation blog got to.. i wanted to ask you is your meditation a routine, do have to have certain conditions like ( peace and quiet ) or can you pull out your meditation at any time in conditions..
Hi Butch..long time no see? Hope you're good?wave

My "meditation" is not a routine but more on the spur of the moment thing.

When I need a rest from my busy or boring routine, I just sit down and switch off my mind starting with some conscious breathing. just comes naturally..I just let myself float away to other realms...and voilà!

Other times, I might do it during my siesta hour, lying down...drifting away..
And trying to focus on something.
Often it is like a self hypnosis where I work with the subconscious. blogs have not disappeared. They are all there for all to see. Unless I delete one for some reason.
AI-The practice does have limited merit, if properly practiced, but is much over rated as a road to health, on its own.
Worse, It's been co opted by leagues of wide eyed dilettantes, and 'trained" practitioners, some professionals, who should know better. As with so much of these so called complementary-alternative modes of living healthful, it's also shamelessly used as a path to personal profit.
These things share much with organized religion in some regards, as you may well know.
Vier, if I understood you correctly, you mean that many of these practices sound a lot like "organised religions"?
In which case, I agree with you!

That's why I do not perform any kind of ritual and, when/if meditating, I do it in the simplest way as possible.

Often times, I even do it when walking in nature and sitting on a rock admiring the seaview.
I wouldn't say i try to or search for meditation, i have had 2 experiences over the last 3 years where i have created my own reality.. how i got there was a little change in attitude, mindset and physical actions.. there are probably other elements involved that i'm not aware of yet, but i'm sure they will come to me in their own time..

I have tried breathing techniques and found they are very affective on my body, i can feel the oxygen rich blood having a good affect on the body but there must be 2 sides to it as well.. as i think you warned about Dani..

The result of creating/mastering your own reality is great satisfaction in knowing you have done the best you can do in any given situation, learning from a similar situations and making the changes to that situation where its good for everything/everyone involved..
When this experience comes on it stays with you for the rest of the day and everything is effortless, you don't even have to try and results are good..

I may have to come back to this one Dani, when i've had time to think about it and break it down more, things like this are very hard to explain..
Yes Butch, I'd love to hear more about your experiences?

You can PM me if you prefer it to be private?
I also like the idea of you creating your own reality.thumbs up

Ok, speak to you later x
Will do Dani when i work it out better, maybe another 3 or 4 experiences like that i might be able to describe it better..
You need another 3 or 4 experiences? wow

And how and when do you intend to achieve this?smile
I won't go searching for more experiences Dani, i will let the experience come to me in its own time.. I don't really believe in forcing things like this, nothing is ever happy being forced..
I agree! Sometimes you just need to go with the flow.

But, if you want to do some specific meditation, where you ask for information and, hopefully, get answers, then it has to be done with something in mind and focus on it.
In which case you need to guide it where you want it to go.

Anyway...let's see what happens? Whatever is meant to happen..WILL happen!
Good luck with it my friend! teddybear
Hey Dani, after meditating you have the result of calm, harmony, awareness and peace.. how long does this stay with you ?
How easy is the result derailed and what derails the result ?

I have experienced the result of meditating and didn't go anywhere near meditating before hand, the result stayed with me for the rest of day..

Having the result of meditation with you in your every day life would be where it is needed most, your every day interaction with people is where the most confrontation comes from and is a good place to derail your result..
Tapping into the result as easy as possible would be a step in the right direction, your meditation result could be derailed 6 times in 1 day.. so you will have to tap back in again, being able to tap back in has to easy and fast..
Hey Butch..
I'm not quite sure if I understand your question correctly? confused

Do you mean that being in a calm and relaxed state after a meditation is the state that you would like to stay in for the rest of the day?

In which case you'll be living on cloud 9 and you might not be grounded? you mean that you're normal state is stressful?
Are you living on red alert the whole time, or in the "fright or flight " mode?

If you are...then there's a remedy for that.
Actually, there's also a quick fix where you do conscious breathing.
That's guaranteed to calm your mind in any circumstances!
Hey Dani, i was basically was asking what can derail a person from their high of meditation, but its ok i found what would derail your Medi high.. its your own thoughts.. quote : The automatic creation process of our thoughts and actions is the base of our creations of our lessons in life in future..

Thoughts can take any person anywhere at any time, the thought process is a thing that doesn't require a high education.. this is where the beginning of creating your reality starts..
Just like you want to see balls of light Dani and Itchy wants to ghosts in your other blog, your thoughts and imagination will take you there..

There also has to be 2 sides to these spiritual things that you guys dabble in, you gota be careful..
IMO if there is to much confusion, complication and mystery involved in the spiritual answers you search for, more than like its this dude devil that has influence..
Butch...a question for you:
Did the Maori experience something similar to the aborigines dreamtime?
I don't know Dani, i leave the past in the past.. more than likely to pursue things in the past will take up more time, and with no guarantee of a result.. confusion maybe the result you will get from digging up the past, when half of history is bullshit..
Hi D, I find abdominal breathing, in through the nose, out through the mouth and filling stomach [as you say can make you a bit giddy] but if done regularly, it is really grounding and puts me in a heightened place.
~~ I used to do Transcendental Meditation for many years but it just stopped working.
~~ I meditate on words, sometimes on nature, whilst breathing and just letting the thoughts flow through my mind.
~~ Some time you must write a blog about learning to let go of the past, if that past is painful.
Thanks for the blog. bouquet
Butch..the reason why I asked because in many cultures the "dreamstate" is actuality the REALITY.
And this is also what I believe!

It's not a question of digging the past, Butch, but it is connected to the present.

There is NO past, nor Future..but only the NOW.

Everything is happening simultaneously. peace
Hi GG..the "conscious breathing" must be done slowly at first.

I mean for example...
counting to 5 inhaling..
Holding the breath counting to 5..
Exhaling counting to 5..
Then holding counting to 5

But, of course, you could even do it up to 4 instead if you feel giddy.

When you've got the hang of it, the actually counting is up to 7 for each breath.
For a total of 7 times.
GG..regarding letting go of the past..
I had previously written a blog..or two about this but it was a while ago.

I'll have a look for it and will repost it if you like?

D ~ Thanks but I can always check back. I just returned to your blog and saw what I already knew, there is no past , future, only the present. So you answered my question in a few words. I know that but it is hard at times, we need to live in the present moment.
Interesting about the dream state and how you mention it is reality.
The more I read in books and although Christian there is nothing wrong about having practiced Buddhism many years ago. I think it is effective for a mad world like the one we live in. I am lucky in that I don't have to live with the madness so much since I am retired. We can be poor but rich in time which is real wealth. Stay well .
Ok GG, I'm glad you found your answers.

But the blog about letting go of the past is not there anymore.

I'll repost it anyway as there's a lot of interesting information...teachings from my masters, which I had to practise myself during the course of my training.

There are certain things we need to do at the subconscious level in order to erase the programming.
Well Dani the breathing technique seems to be only way people know how to tap into meditation, some comments may come later when other techniques are revealed..

After a little bit of thinking and brushing up on the most effective book for me, i found out how i tapped into it and most likely the reason why i was allowed to tap in without any meditation..

Ok change the subject Dani, meditation calms and helps awareness with your thoughts.. so whats this calmness and awareness of the your thoughts for ? i have a very important reason for calm and aware thoughts, but i will say when you give some feedback and or hopefully feedback from other people..
Hi again Butch wave

I have been "meditating" on your comments as I find them hard to answer, without knowing all the facts???

So, here´s my findings...

In answer to your first question:

"the breathing technique seems to be only way people know how to tap into meditation, some comments may come later when other techniques are revealed"..
The conscious breathing I mentioned is not only used for meditation, or "tapped" into anything specific.
It is used at any moment of the day, in any place, when we´re feeling stressed (especially during the times we are living now!). It just calms the mind and helps to find inner peace, instead of reacting with anger in certain situations.

As for meditating, we don´t need the conscious breathing either, for certain meditations, but it does help! Especially when we want to alter our state of consciousness and enter Alpha or Theta waves, which is a deeper state of meditation.

I myself use the Alpha waves when I do ehealing - on people and animals - in order to communicate with them.
And I use Theta waves when I need a deeper state in order to retrieve information, direct from Source.

"... meditation calms and helps awareness with your thoughts.. so whats this calmness and awareness of the your thoughts for ? i have a very important reason for calm and aware thoughts, but i will say when you give some feedback and or hopefully feedback from other people"..

My conclusion is: you are asking why do we need to be calm and aware of our thoughts while meditating.... or, before entering a meditation?
Reading between the lines...
Many people are "vulnerable", especially when under the influence (drugs, tobacco, alcohol etc), or even when their state of mind is not peaceful and they have many unresolved issues - especially anger!

In which case, entering a meditative state - at any level of consciousness - when vulnerable, can be an invitation to attract some malevolent entities from the lower astral plane.
Many entities play with you and, for some, it could be a somewhat traumatic experience, apart from the fact that they can also attach themselves to you!
They are attracted to the negative, and are repulsed by the light.

My advice - to everybody who wants to meditate for specific purposes, or channel - is to do it in a PURE state of consciousness!

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