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2 things of curiosity

1. More so an observation. Art and beauty are not logical. To answer a question such as: Why did they put so much time, or effort, or money into doing that beautiful design like that? Is there really an answer to that? Or, is it sheer emotion.

2. If you do not believe in a spirit or soul, then why is a body lifeless after death?


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1. Creative passion fueled by emotional interests ...

... Or even emotional interests fueled by creative passion
Hello Red...and welcome.

Interesting you flipped around your comment and they both fit still. thumbs up

Hey Johnny ... thanks smile

Yeah, that totally worked out, didn't it ... thumbs up

tip hat
I have never heard of Here Michigan, but I have heard of Hell, MIchigan. laugh
They are very similar giggle

one of my past girlfriends was basically lifeless when it came to romantic action. Sheesh! frustrated
So what is new Robert? laugh Sounds like this new date of yours is pretty active though. love

She's Tooooo active! She needs a young buck like you, or a log to please her! wow
"why is a body lifeless after death?"

A body is lifeless after death because the heart stops.
The heart pumps blood through out the body for life.
Breathing stops, so there is no transfer of air.
Too active? Aren't those the women who bring the youth back to you Robert?grin
Hello Laf,

Fair enough. So all consciousness just ceases to exist along with our power to rationalize, think, speak, understand...all do to the blood flowing.

Hmmm...that is possible. I havenever thought of that.

thumbs up


when a person dies, their spirit leaves their body, or their soul leaves their body. Since we are all made of energy, spirit in the first place.. every cell in our body, everything around us, when the energy, spirit leaves our body, so does the blood flow, the thinking, the consciousness, the vision, smell, touch, everything.

It's all energy, spirit, soul.. the body is just our outer shell.

yes, but there comes a time when a guy needs his Wheetees, plenty of fluids, rest and rehab.. after a romantic action outing with such a restless lady. Whew! Wears me out! doh
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