What Happened To Waterbeds?

Of course, the great selling point was sex. One ad said the waterbed is very good for two things; one of them is sleeping. Another ad claimed that she’ll admire you for your car, respect you for your position, and love you for your waterbed. devil

But then waterbeds were nothing new. The Persians had them in 3600 BC when they filled goatskin bags with water. During the 1800s medical doctors used something similar for patients with bedsores and/or TB. They were reinvented during the late 60s and became popular during the 70s. During the late 80s, nearly one in four mattresses sold were water bed mattresses, and in the 90s they quietly went out of fashion leaving thousands of water mattresses in warehouses. Most dealers will tell you that it is years since they last sold one. mumbling

By the 80s, at the height of its popularity, waterbeds were available in a variety of styles, from four-post Colonials to Victorian beds with carved headboards to simple, sturdy box frames. Allergy sufferers liked having a dust-free mattress, while back pain sufferers were drawn to the beds’ free-floating quality. sleep

So what happened? How did our enthusiasm for sleeping on liters of pure H2O go down the drain so quickly?confused

These beds were probably just too cumbersome. Apart from the constant possibility of a flooded bedroom, they were prohibitively heavy; not just the mattress but also the supporting framework. It was a problem filling or draining the mattress. doh

During the early 90s when I decided to buy a new bed, a salesman tried very hard to sell a waterbed to me but he had to settle for the sale of a normal bed. I was not going to risk a woman getting seasick on my bed.grin
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Hi catfoot,wave

Now there's a face I haven't seen in a long time.hug
Waterbeds are great, especially those that are baffled to reduce the wave motion a bit.
The best bed I ever slept on especially when I was pregnant. Had to get rid of it because we moved and the floors wouldn't take the weight.
Hi ya Bob,

Good to see ya wave

Never liked the waterbed.I. Get nauseous.
Guess I am sensitive.wine
I am happy to see you Cat. Hope all is good with you.

I know nothing about water beds.

Stay safe!

bouquet hug
Hey cat, with the current drought in the eastern Cape, all water beds have been hi jacked..
Good to see you.handshake
Respected CF thumbs up
Good to see you healthy and happy. hug
Water bed is old fashioned now use medical bed.
Stay Safe bouquet
teddybear peace
Hi GermanSpitz,
Hmm, it's been awhile. Actually, I only showed my face to say that I'm still alive and well and living in Cape Town.
wine wave
Hi Jim,
hell! you're talking about technology that never reached us. We were at least ten or twenty years behind the rest of the world during those years.
doh wave
Hi Emmy,
Can I assume that you got pregnant on that bed as well? You must elaborate a bit. We're all sitting here on the edges of our chairs. We cannot wait to hear about it.giggle
devil wave
Hi Capri,
I won't know, I have never slept on one but I did not grab the topic out of the air. I intend to try one shortly, I just need to find a suitable co-pilot.
laugh wave
Hi Bentlee,
I see a lot of experience here. I'm preserving your comment for later use.
thumbs up wave
Hi Usha,
I knew very little about them but I got tons of advice from these comments. But I'd like to inform you that I acquired one such bed in perfect condition. It only had one previous owner; a 98-year-old gentleman and his 99-year-old wife. I wonder if the bed had something to do with their simultaneous departure. I got it for a bargain. Actually, the heirs paid me to get rid of it. I intend to use it as soon as I can find a venue large enough to accommodate the waterbed and a fish tank.

So I wondered if you perhaps had enough dough sitting doing nothing to cover your airfare to Cape Town so I can show you my fish tank. cool
blushing wave
Hi Lukie,
Yep, the confounded droughts. This time we have plenty, or so it would appear. After the drought, the water runs unused from leaking taps.
handshake wave
Hi Timotie,
Yes, you're right but I cannot help wondering if it would offer all of the available conveniences.
confused dunno wave
I'd be glad to see your fish tank Cat, and even help you with positions in the waterbed if you ask me to. I mean lying on your back and sideways an all. wink

Africa is where my heart beats right. I don't have any travel plans there as of now. I wouldn't want to leave if I come. There is nothing like hearing the rains down in Africa. All in good time.

Take care and at least show up here once in a way with a blog please. I miss the good ones.

blushing yes cat I got pregnant on it. The only reason you'll feel sea sick on it is because there's not enough water in it. Best..nights sleep you'll ever have rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Usha,
Oh, what a wonderful incentive to go digging in my blog box but there is nothing like a good or a bad blog. It's all a matter of how it is received on a given day and how the first few comments shape the blog. You see, the feathers make the bird. But I think the blogs improved in my absence. When I left only politics and religion were trending. And least we have a very worthy mumbling third contender now in COVID-19.rolling on the floor laughing
hug wave
Long time no see. Glad to read your interesting blogs again,Catfoot.
cats meow
Hi July,
Hi and thanks for the compliment. I'll try to get in two or three blogs before I'm off again. I'm very busy with other stuff lately.
wine wave

Nice to see you...what a wonderful event...you are still here...cheering dancing
Hi Lou,
Great seeing you too. conversing
wine wave
Nice to hear you are still with us Cat. thumbs up

Hi Johnny,
In my mother's tongue, we have a proverb that translates to: Weeds don't perish.laugh
cheers wave
The weight, mainly, I think, and the fuss of changing the water.

Plus, for me, I wasn't that keen on sleeping on the things. It gets silly when you need a bed to play on and then another bed to sleep on laugh
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