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The Trump Economy Sets YET ANOTHER RECORD As Surging US Retail Sales Set A New All-Time High Record

Try as they may the Democrats have FAILED to impoverish and starve the American people and destroy our economy. The Trump economy is UNSTOPPABLE!

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I am Shocked that 'Crats have sunk to Bribing people with cheap whisky!
How disgusting devil

Listen Carefully here, Dongg.
I wanna know how to contact those despicable scumbags.
So I can ... uhhhh, express outrage. Yeah! THAT's it -- I wanna express outrage.

Gimme Any & All ways to contact them.
Names, emails, phone #s ... Everything! Got that, Dongg? Everything!!

If possible, Include details -- like the Brand of whisky being used as bribery.
If they're bribing with more than one label, are the lucky devils ... er, I mean ... shamelessly used dupes given a Choice?
Is a cheap - but smooth - Canadian an option? Rye, maybe? please

I AM OUTRAGED!! very mad

I did Not post that to the wrong blog. scold
I wanted to be Sure you got the message -- so I can express outrage.

uh oh

bathtub gin
white lightning
don't insult my fine whiskeyscold
Why should anyone living in an Underground Bunker, in Eastern, Fiji care about the economy of a country halfway around the globe? Do you have a TV in that bunker? Maybe a radio at least? How's the reception? I'm assuming you have an antenna up in a tree right?
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