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Most people avoid violence. This is not weak, its sensible.head banger The pressure of city living has led to a dramatic increase in violent crime. Minimize the risks to yourself. Then its time to decide how you will defend yourself, if the worst happens.conversing

Understanding a few points of law might help you to avoid trouble. Most of us never have contact with the police or courts. Some of us may, if only by mistake.professor

You may only do what is˜reasonably necessary to defend yourself from attack. Each case is different so what is reasonably necessary will vary. British law actually states that you can use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime. If you genuinely believe your life is at stake, reasonable force may be quite extreme, even involving a weapon in some circumstances.
Basically, the action you take to defend yourself or your property must not be excessive. If the law thinks you overdid it, YOU may be liable for prosecution.
The law expects the victim to run away or withdraw when threatened by violence, but this is not always possible.

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Hi Luke
I don't think the law understands conditions here. Those criminals don't just want to rob you - they want to kill you.frustrated
cheers wave
Totally agree with you Cat, but its not only the 'law' its most of the people living safely tucked away in their little houses,apartments and rooms. The ones that never venture out except for a trip to the store and back and that is done on the double. Those are the ones that scare me most, the ones that just about believe everything they see or hear on the media.
One of our's was shot and killed last night .....
He got out of his car to approach someone looking/acting suspicious, whilst a scuffle happened them he called in for back up and as he did, the scum bag managed to steal his gun and shot him several times... The Garda a Mayo man, died at the scene ... sad flower

Couldn't find an Irish tribute, but it doesn't matter really ....
one says it all for them all.

Hi Celtic,
I heard of this on 4fm. They did not give detail though so thanks for filling in the blanks. Was he alone at the time? I thought it's only the UK that sends out their cops alone. That's so wrong...
You're a 4fm fan now are you... lol

It seems he was, maybe rural area's small communities operate different, but I'm not sure ...
he was a PI Garda, not sure though if that would make a difference either but seriously, I never questioned why he was until you mentioned it.
What's Plymouth stand for?

rolling on the floor laughing

[16/06 22:57] Luke: Hope I'm not bugging you guys by sending you my thoughts on here?
[16/06 22:58] Classic Hits: Absolutely not! we're delighted you're listening all the way from South Africa! Thanks for joining us??

When it's cold I lay in bed listening yea.laugh
The 2 ?? was a smily. Seems Cs does not read their code.
Plymouth = Pl frustrated
Should I be listening to you for taking part in Niall's debates roll eyes

His night time ones, he used to ring me up to see if I'd be interested in taking part...
often I used to till I copped on he was only using me cause he liked how I stirred some of his listeners up, which always led for a lively debate... that's the Irish for you irish
He is definitely a stirrer. I only like listening. Tonight's topic, condom or not. rolling on the floor laughing

Gnite there
What, you mean we have condoms here in Ireland shock wow

G'night Luke gnite
"Heh Cool Hand Luke!"

Over Here?"

"I Would Go Along With Them Disbanding The Police"..."Why?"

"Because... If Everybody Knows That Their Potential Target Might Be Carrying?"

"They Surely Will Think More Than Twice About Going Forward With Their Plans"

(If We Look At What And How The Real ..."Wild West"... Was?"

"We Would Find That The Violence Wasn't Half As Bad As It Is Now"

"Sure..Let's Disband The Police"

"And We All Can Police Our Own Situations Right Then And There"

("It May Sound Stupid...But?")

"It Would Surely Prevent A Lot Of"

"Potential Crimes...Now Wouldn't It?"................detective
The USA judicial system needs an overhaul.

It is corrupt, bias, and for profit.

It is always a wise choice to avoid being a victim of this judicial system.

Justice is never serve. devil
The criminal preys on the weak and vulnerable so yes I agree with your logic.
Stats have just been released that SA men are 5 to 6 times more likely to be murdered than women. Why? Cos the criminals know that the gun laws are so strict here that 99% of men will be unarmed making them soft targets. Illegal guns rule here. Jmo.
When any institution (law enforcement etc.) gets so big that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing then the system will become as you say, corrupt, bias, and for profit. Just a barking dog with no teeth. Overhaul yes.
Luke, I think I know what you mean.

In Africa we are at mercy of criminals who break in to rob. sigh

Stay safe. Hope you were not in a bad situation. I have experienced several break ins. It's no point even reporting where I was. I am not sure about South Africa though. Do they do anything?

Thank you Ushaw.

Sounds as if you are talking from personal experience. Hope all is well with you.bouquet

Predictive text.... frustrated

That's ONE reason I Hate living in a city.

Captain Higgins targets suspected gang members

Agreed. But does one become a recluse due to all this crap or just accept and go with the flow? It's mainly the innocent bystanders that get caught in the crossfire. What bothers me most is that this shit is getting worse globally instead of declining.
cheers handshake
Strong emotional patriotic words and I sincerely hope they bring in results.
Just hope that his family won't be targeted.
thumbs up handshake

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