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Sungazing And Its Benefits

As it is known, the sun has inspired mankind throughout history and has been worshipped by many societies in different parts of the world.

Sungazing is a one-time practice of a lifetime, usually for a period of 9 months.
But, it can also be broken up into three phases: 0 to 3 months, 3-6 months and 6- 9 months.

Reportedly, some of the benefits include:

The mind becomes stronger and more balanced
Thinking becomes more positive
The Pineal gland will be activated
It restores levels of melatonin improving sleep
A reduction in appetite is also reported.
More psychic powers and it increases intuition
It raises consciousness and awareness
Improves eyesight and vision
Improves overall health

I myself followed this practice for 6 months - on an off, depending on the weather - (30mn in total) about 6 years ago, and my experiences included most of the above.
My eyesight improved and my eyes were not so sensitive to sunlight, as to not having to wear sunglasses all the time.

At what times is it done?
It should only be done within an hour of sunrise, or sunset, standing on the bare earth barefooted.

10 seconds on first day, increasing 10 seconds per day thereafter.
Do not exceed a total of 9 months = 45 minutes, after which it is necessary to walk on the bare earth barefooted for 45mn daily for 6 days in order to refresh the energy.

How should it be done?
Gaze with unfocused eyes. Staring directly at the full sun could damage the retina.
You need to approach sungazing with an open mind and heart, safely, in the knowledge that the sun is not going to harm you.

If you want the immune system to strengthen, then keep on the barefoot walking.
Also, if you want memory power or intelligence to increase, continue the walking practice.

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Comments (24)

Other than sunrise and sunset, the sun changes little in the course of the day. But clouds do. In a high pressure weather front the clouds whirl in a clockwise rotation. And a low pressure front swirls counterclockwise. Lower pressure fronts tend to bring on more exciting weather. So watching the clouds gives one a handle on things to come laugh laugh
Hi Olde wave

Are you sure you're on the right blog? confused

Maybe this would make an interesting topic for another blog, hey? wink

Back to the topic.. "sungazing"
Have you ever done any sungazing..when there are no clouds around?
With all due respect the blog is not suggesting or needing a weather report, it suggests in seeing and feeling through the mind's eye. To bring warmth and healing allowing the rays of light penetrate pineal gland to induce hormonal growth for melatonin which is good for skin tone.
Thanks for your input Prom.

Btw melatonin is a hormone that regulates sleep.

Apart from that, the sun is our most important source of vitamin D.

Have you ever done any sungazing Prom?
Hi Daniel,
Unfortunately I developed cataract s due to being exposed to too much sun. Not a big one and luckily it's on my left eye. While actively working many years in Africa's bush that's the only negative I can show. Lucky me.

But as you possibly know, sungazing is the act of looking directly into the sun during dawn and dusk. It is sometimes done as part of a spiritual or religious practice. The human eye is very sensitive, and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can lead to solar retinopathy, pterygium, cataracts, and often blindness.
Okay on task - Pineal secretion of Melatonin is reduced during the day which throws doubt upon sun worshiper spirituality.arguments.

Melatonin's principle role is one of blocking the secretion of gonadotropins (luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone) from the anterior pituitary gland. These hormones aid in the proper development and functioning of the ovaries and testes. Could this be why sex is best suited to moonlight and candles?

The one positive function of Melatonin is the conversion of Melanin into Melanocytes which act to darken skin color. Sun tan advocates love it and white supremacists hate it.

Just saying ... laugh
Me, I had a bout of blindness following an auto accident. I am extremely light sensitive as a result. No sun tans for me laugh laugh
Hi Luke wave

Sorry to hear about your cataract..
Luckily..I've never had that problem.

I didn't do the sungazing as a religious practise as I'm not religious.
It was more for insights...
And, as I said, I experienced many benefits from it. must be VERY careful!

Thanks Olde for being back on topic. teddybear

Interesting information thumbs up
Sorry to hear about your "bout of blindness".

My eyes used to be very sensitive to light but, after 6 months of sungazing, I didn't need sunglasses anymore and my eyesight was certainly much clearer.

Now..I only need glasses for reading and computer work.applause
Sun gazing truly does recharge the batteries in our bodies. However when it is being practiced it should be for 20 minutes or less after sunrise and for 20 minutes or less before sunset. That wAy the UVA and UVB rays are reflected back to space via the atmosphere. There are schools of sun gazing in India. This is a natural healing concept for all people. It also works when sunglasses are not
Used. The 20 minute time frame allows the pupil to do direct stare into the corona but as AI said in increments a day at a time. applause
Hi Ben wave

Have you actually done any sungazing?
And..did you get any benefits? can do it up to ONE HOUR before sunset
And that's the time I used to do it.
I've blue eyes, an never wear sun glasses as the indirect doses of sun gazing are totally beneficial, all my life i've carefully accepted the sun in my eyes, 61 this year and still no need for glasses. The sun has amazing healing properties. wine
An imagine having them doses of pure Vitamin "D" Jammed into our retina, cheering yes bring it on, applause
Oh I see eyes are normally very sensitive to light.

I'm glad you enjoy your daily dose of sun and its benefits.

I don't wear glasses either apart from reading and computer work.

Do you know that some aborigines somewhere feed on the sun energy and nothing else?
Yes I’ve seen that yet I hold some tight skepticism on that. Similar to the Hindi that stayed inside the trunk of a tree with no food no water. Many people pilgrimage to see him yet in order to feed the body there has to be sustenance in order to create waste. That’s a tough one to buy. Proven time and again no food no water the body will begin to devour itself. wine
Hi again Bent wave

Yes..I'm also a bit skeptical of how you can live on sunlight alone???uh oh

I know someone who lived on water only for weeks while carrying on their daily
I need to clarify an earlier post. I do wear sun glasses when driving to the west upon sunset. That’s the only time. So I try to set my town needs fashionably so. I did do some sun gazing for a time. However a clear horizon sunrise and sunset is key for safe gaze. Where I now live that safe gaze isn’t available. So I take the indirect sun as the best alternative. Phug
Obviously, Ben, according to what part of the world you're in, you should take safety precautions as to when is the safe time..for You.hug
It's been a good while since a blog taught me something completely new, yay! applause

I'm never ever around before sunrise but - hmmm - I'm interested in cautiously learning more and the comments have also been illuminating

wine cool
Hello Viv..I'm glad this blog has inspired you.wave

If you're thinking of taking it up, now would be a good time as the days are longer and you could be finished before the winter if you do it every day for 6 months.(30mn in total)
Of course, you can do it for a full 45 min but it will take you more than 9 months.

Our sunset time is now at 9.50pm so you're safe to do it at about 9 - 9.30pm.
10 seconds on first day..increasing 10 seconds every day.

If it's cloudy..then you give it a miss but you continue where you left it.

For me it was a unique experience and it did improve my eyesight..apart from all the other benefits.banana
Anyone for sungazing? cool
When I was a kid maybe around 12 or 13 I used to look at the sun for a minute or so I thought it was cool how my eyes adjusted to the bright light. This was not at Sunrise or Sunset but around the middle of the day when the Sun was high in the sky. After that I couldn't hardly see anything until my eyes re-adjusted. It didn't hurt my eyesight as I always had excellent vision for most of my life. Looking back I think it was a stupid thing to do.
Haha..yes indeed, that was a stupid thing to do in the middle of the day! scold

You could have gone blind!!

Maybe now that you're older..and hopefully wiser?
Why don't you try it at the times indicated, and every day?
Not just for fun, but for its benefits.

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