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Another Fake Racism Story Promoted By The Democrat Fake News

Remember that jerk "actor" Jussie Smollett in Chicago who claimed he was assaulted by racists saying they were Trump supporters yelling Trump slogans while they beat him up and it turned out to be a hoax? I think this freak was just having a s*xual fantasy. Now some other fake jerk, the only black guy who drives in NASCAR, claimed that someone put a noose in his NASCAR garage to intimidate him and the fake Democrat media was all over it.

Turns out it wasn't even a noose, but nothing but a garage door pull that had been there for more than a year before that garage was even assigned to him and there was no way for anyone to even know it would be assigned to him more than a year later.

These jerks in NASCAR folded like a cheap pair of pants taking down their confederate flags because of these fake news frauds, holding a big public spectacle that the fake media covered like it was the second coming and apologizing like whimpering dogs for something that never even happened.

What a bunch of FAKES, PHONIES AND FRAUDS! This fake racism narrative is complete bullshit.

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Heard it on the talk radio grapevine - Donald is such a s*xual stud that, like the emperors of old, he has courtesan join him in the sack each night to pacify his s*xual cravings. A different courtesan each night, but always a blue eyed blond, always long and lanky, mostly female, but sometimes male, Donal's s*xual wants are varied.

So what do you think - fact or fiction? IS it as good as the bogus tales the Donald Dogs bring to CS?
Here is Jussie Wallace's statement when he reported the "noose".

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Hey, Dongg man. Was going to add this cretin's name to my list, but was sure you'd have my back, mate. Didn't he skate from legal problems, like all the other deplorable Negroes? Irredeemables all.
I'm just SICK AND TIRED of this phony racism narrative from the Democrats and their media and SICK AND TIRED of anyone who dares challenge them being branded as a racist.

FVCK ALL OF YOU race baiters and phony racism purveyors.

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OK, but perhaps you could just try to say how you really feel. Lots of that going about.
What happened with Jussie could only occur happen under an anti-white establishment. Hating whites is the new way of being a stuck-up c*nt posho but BLM will come for CNN because it's a stuck-up c*nt posho.
Your brief, but always cogent cryptic tight logic, CC, is most informative. Never stop.
Yeah the woke folk crying wolf is wearing woefully thin. It becomes a self fulfilling prophesy at some point when you constantly label someone as racist. professor
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More noses stories found elsewhere now, I suppose they have no heard the truth yet peace
Yep, Dongg- man. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of these stories to date. Al Sharpton snaps to race baiting attention every time. Egg on his face follows.
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