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Identity parades (6)

Codes of practice usually require an identity parade where the officer in charge needs to confirm witnesses reports or if the suspect demands an identity parade. professor
You may refuse to take part in an identity parade, although (if suspected) this may prolong questioning and detention. uh oh
You may stand anywhere in the parade line-up.
Identity parades 'should' be arranged by an officer who is not involved in the investigation. innocent
There should be at least eight people of the same apparent age, height and general appearance. If there are two suspects, the line-up should involve at least twelve people.danceline danceline

If ever you are asked to help out by attending an identity parade (not as a suspect) there is NO possibility of your being implicated or arrested for the offence. innocent
The whole idea of the parade is to find out if witnesses can recognize suspects who have been detained. If YOU are selected by a witness, it proves only that the witness does not recognize the suspect.dunno

Comments (9)

Hmmm...sounds very suspicious to me! uh oh

Hi Luke wave
rolling on the floor laughing Oh Jaysus...I always get picked! blushing
Embedded image from another site

When he couldn't decide at first they
took away our numbers and
they gave us ladies props rolling on the floor laughing
Hey Dani, Agreed. laugh

Hi Ash, you really should cut down on the
Turn to your left....laugh
It's my good side wink
Here hold this beer

Identity Parade? The last time I went to a parade, it was them things where people ride in cars and wave, and other cars or trucks pull trailers with people and designed stuff on them, usually called Floats.

As long as it doesn't rain on anybody's parade. Something like that.
I know I thought he meant
Lots of floats, little clothing.
What, how's ...that legal ? wow
Identity parade is not effective.

It is said that humans are incapable or remember the details of an individual is a quick encounter.

In a dangerous situation, humans are thinking of "fight or flight" response and does not have time to remember anything of the attacker.

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