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Award winning history filmographer Ken Burns on statues & monuments

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Powerful and thought provoking.
I'm glad you enjoyed it. head banger
Ken Burns is a staunch left-wing radical Democrat filmmaker just like Moore. Totally biased, one-sided and faithful to his own corrupt party. One thing Burns omits... he pushes to remove historical statues to replace them with great statues of leftist leaders like Obama, Clinton, Sanders, Cher, Midler, and other Hollywood traitors. What a correlation whatsoever in stopping hatred. Socialism is cancer and those who follow it are even more sickening.

ANTIFA and BLM are not tearing down statues and burning cities to fight racial discrimination... they're doing it to destroy democracy and create a communist state with no rights for patriots and where they only have the ability to dictate politics. Do you actually believe by demolishing Auschwitz you would stop racism against Jews by the KKK... not on your life?

Maybe Burns should spend more time filming Chinese concentration which house millions of Christians and Muslims for their religious beliefs trying to psychologically transform them into dedicated communists and who Democrats support just like Congress, tech giants, socials sites, and the news media by remaining silent while bashing Trump instead lacking integrity and are part of the movement to remove liberty, freedom of speech and the right to debate as Pelosi tries to rig the next election with illegals. Removing statues on both sides means absolutely nothing if you convert from a broken judicial system to an even worse one.

Reflecting what I said in the Vera Lynn thread if the left are tearing down statues trying to imply they are heroes against racism then why is the left removing good history and symbols of peace.


When you listen to Vera Lynn maybe you should also consider what it would be like without a voice of freedom. The simple fact is the left also wants to ban this song.

This is what the gentleman said who posted this song defying censors.

"Unfortunately, YouTube is turning more and more politically correct and is increasingly deleting historical material. Shades of 1984. George Orwell was rather more prescient than perhaps he thought he was. The end result is that I will be progressively (LOL) closing down my channel and deleting content as I move to an alternative site. If there are any videos here that you really enjoy, I'd suggest downloading them for yourself over the next few months. I won't be shutting down in a hurry, but I will be moving off of YouTube out of sheer disgust at their policies. I recommend you do the same."
Of course not. Why do you bring up ridiculous statements like this ?
However, I do not think we should have statues commemorating Nazis, nor anyone who fought
against our nation. Nor do I think we should condone the KKK, Neo-Nazis, Alt-right, or any terrorist group.
Hey General Bacon, did somebody finally give you a geography lesson that Jersey City is not in New York?comfort
Well, from Moscow they seem close enough. grin
No ooby_dooby... I put that in for fun as I said before. Some guys claim Washington Street is in Jersey so visitors can get lost. rolling on the floor laughing
Oh, I understand now.
To you, it is "fun" to deceive people.
Jim, quit trying to be smart... it just won't work. Many people make mistakes or even intentionally change their location, race, weight, or whatever even if meeting to deceive individuals... I mean I've heard horror stories about men who met women claiming to be 130 lbs and were actually 250 lbs arriving at the date. Now that is being deceitful... when people asked I told them it was all for fun. Not like Democrats... they lie every second, day and hour.
Oh. It was a "mistake" that you defended and didn't change for a while.
And others do it, so that makes it OK.
I think having a 15-year-old pic on your profile after 12 years online is a lot more deceitful when you're actually looking for a woman. rolling on the floor laughing I'm not meeting was a joke. I understand why Democrats are the way they are... no humor and always listening to Democrats who always lie.

I hope the unknown dinner was good.rolling on the floor laughing
I have 2 ex-girlfriends that I regularly see 'romantically' locally in NJ and a third in Florida.
Who said I was looking for anyone on here.
People are way too far apart and I state in my profile that I am only focusing on local women, and that it's
doubtful that I would meet anyone on here. The 2 people I am most likely to meet (not romantically) both live in Florida. I'm certainly not racing around the world to meet anyone.

You don't even show a photo of you at all, and you're whining because mine isn't current enough for you ?
Get a life !
Wow! Not Jersey NY right? rolling on the floor laughing You sound like a great stud... very impressive I may add. 2 ex-girlfriends NJ and a third in Florida. Where do you ever find the time to do all the local ones after being online 12 years and posting misinformation for Democrats every day and eating unknown foods? Good luck with travelling to Florida... I love your online perjury.

Still doesn't explain your 15-year-old picture... it was 3 years old when you joined. banana

As I said I have no interest to meet anyone so what's the need of an image...if I put one up of Obama would you then be happy. There are hundreds of profiles without pics... don't be obsessed.

Later. cheers
So, it's perfectly OK for you not to have a photo on here. But, my photo isn't new enough for you ?
Again, get a life. I'd rather, that you stop looking at my photo.
Ken Burns explains it well. Outstanding. bowing
s - I'm glad you enjoyed it. Happy weekend to ya. head banger

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