Ladies of CS?

If your husband said to you, he wants to put you up the duff, would you say yes or no?

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He needs a Unicorn.dunno
He´d need a hazmat suit if he went near you ^^^^
>>> "I've already got a bun in the oven, you bloody idiot"
We should expect the BN series of yo mama retorts, just saying.cheers the forums style blog comments.
Don´t worry about having to wear a mask Ash, imagine the money you can earn as a Mexican wrestler
Pedro, has she messaged you yet in private? I got some, she´s very sensitive...and boring as fúk
You´re so dull and boring Ash, nobody wants to talk to you...I bet you ring random numbers asking people if they´ve been in a crash
Are we waiting for your 2 buddies to arrive, Ash? The witless-o-meter should see a sharp rise when they turn up
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