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More Online ESL encounters - live and learn

Four students, all Eastern Europe - Siberia Moscow Kiyev Kracow

Just a wide range, diversity of language, vocabulary, topics. No IELTS thank goodness

IELTS is one of the certifications chosen by English speaking speaking Governments and Institutions for students and immigrants. You don't learn how to speak English, only how to pass IELTS. It likes Linking phrases, conjunctions and idioms.

First from Siberia an oil pipe engineer wanting to speak fluently about oil pipe inspection technology, so we browsed some oil terminology and I learnt about sweet crude, sour, light and heavy. I had thought that light crude disasters would be easily containable, and heavy, sinking, impossible - but not so, the light spreads rapidly. Then on to Oil-rig terminology. So roughnecks - originally from the circus, but firmly ensconced now in Oil drilling parlance. I learnt that fracking involves directional change, verticle to near horizontal, and so is higher production cost. Roustabouts too, from the circus Derrickhand is a mudman. Leadhand or Worm is the lowest, well not quite. Pretty grim work. He did a month on a rig, but as an engineer, I'm sure, segregated. A hard life in Siberia or Sahkalin I'm sure.

With the psychologist - articles on Consciousness and Neuroscience and BCI - Brain computer interface. I am sure I learn more

From Poland, another Engineer - Injection molding, I practice the English terminology, the mechanisms, the components, the plastics - haha I learn much more than I teach!

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Och aye! drink pouring and make it a fookin' Shiraz.... laugh
fookin shiraz - shiraz and fookin oughta go together I am tinkin - how to arrange it so the spillage is minimum?
minimise spillage + maximise plezzuh - set goal seeker going
It's all your fault! you did this to me. Let's get back to Les Paul -Mary Ford. My daughter has been doing online performances of Mary Ford, with a separated guitarist, in Paris lately - her jazz club will perhaps open again
(YOU) Stylish glass====Tilt====Swallow=====Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! drink pouring

(YOU TO STUDENT) Shaddap and speak English or I'll kill you (and your parents)... rolling on the floor laughing
Sorry for leading you ashtray... do you smoke?
Smoking? Stopped in 1980 - overnight. went from 60 to 0
Senior Service, Gauloises, Roll your own - stopping was so easy.
But my then wife didn't - well she did, but took up cigars instead... that was a small factor
So you must know lots of different languages, being a teacher! Do you enjoy your job?
I am a retired computer programmer - teaching to stay active, like volunteering. Yes it is satisfying, but it is scarcely retirement! 25-40 hours a week; Russians Brazilians, Chinese, Asian
Good for you, that's the way to longevity--- And you don't look a day over 250!!! laugh
Perceptive of you, but it's because I am not!
And you do not look a second over 41.7346
(conservative estimate)
Embedded image from another site
No Scots yet amongst my students - Scots largely think they can speak English ... but just ask Billy Connolly - or try our Dr Norman Swann
How many chicks can you handle Mr Beefy Australasian?
1 (needs 4 characters) one

That's nine, and I'm always wrong! laugh
I'm trying to learn another language. Those online tutorials are phrases only.

I need to know the grammatical correct way to learn any language.
@Amicable try - online teachers and tutors for many languages. There is no single correct way, but there is probably a combination of techniques and tools that suits you best.
@tealight how many chicks? I recall watching the Zhang Yimou movie, Raise the Red Lantern in which the man of means living in a Siheyuan (courtyard house) takes a young student (Gong Li) as his fourth wife. Then I thought I could manage the situation much better, and without the intrigues. But I have definitely changed my mind, and one is plenty.

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