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The humble compost pile....and being so easily amused...

...Every now and again, I turn over the stuff I've placed in my compost shed, and there's probably close to enough to cover the garden next year with a thin yet highly nutritive layer. If the sloth subsides. The stuff looks like how the land in Egypt does, after the Nile recedes each year.
Dark, warm and damp, and awash with beasties of all sorts. So I KNOW it's the world's best fertilizer. But today, while pitch forking the pile, I saw weeds growing---the same sort that we see all about here on the coast. In these northern temperate climes, the rapidity of the green growth is amazing. Within a few short days of the last snow melt, the place resembles the rain forests of the Amazon.
But this particular weed species, which typically grows to half a foot in height, had numerous branches, all growing OVER the top of the 4 foot open entrance to the shed! And as with the beans in the garden, were displaying a bit of the vine attachments Jones as supports. Glad I was not too lazy in getting to it, or I would have been able to climb to the clouds, like Jack and his beanstalk.
OK, so it's really no surprise, all this. But just another example of how fascinating is biology. Wish I had more than a mere 30 years left to admire it all. Or 20. Or 10. Or,or,or.

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Wish we too had a compost box but Cor says No, so since he is the lord and master, ha ha, well the long and the short of it all is that we are not going to have one.
Have fun with your's Vier, I know it produces good rich soil...............peace

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