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Siberia, the climate....Oh, shite....

...I recall taking the sleeper train through parts of this enormous region of the former USSR, Communist workers' paradise, on the way from Beijing to Moscow. In the warmer months, it was like Maine, with quite cooler days, and mosquitoes the size of MIG 29's.
But these past few years, there have been 38 C degree days (100 Fahrenheit) in places there, which hold records for the world's coldest ambient temperatures. Minus 67, 91, respectively. The permafrost is getting mushy, with buildings sinking, and meat storage bins becoming rancid.
Apart from these coldest temperature records, it seems temperatures are now rising twice as fast as in other parts of the globe.
We may well soon all have several wild rides to look forward to. Might be ocean fishing from my garden someday. Change---the only real constant in this life. Tighten seat belts.

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Interesting for sure Vier, the climate change may have serous consequences, time will tell.......
There you are, see, you can do it!

Somewhere in my plans was a boat trip from Japan, Hokkaido Sakhalin Kamchatka and trans Russia to Moscow. Yours sounds like an epic trip. Perhaps I have missed the last chance.

But why bother with the workers' paradise stuff?
I understand the mosquitoes are like the New Zealand West Coast sand flies, and need landing strips.
mosquitoes are like the New Zealand West Coast sand flies, and need landing strips.
Lol that is funny Fargo
That must've been quite an adventure! wave
Thanks, AC. Took over a week. Shared a sleeper with French couple who thought they could carry on with the usual leftie Eurotrash chain smoking of toxic Gitannes in the car. I put an end to that after first match hit the first fag. Not really a fan of all sorts of fags, as many will know.
But halfway through trip, trains change from Chinese to Russian, as do banana clip AK47 toting, 6'4'' guards, at each station. Nice guys, all, but leave cameras in cabins! Everything is of military value, meaning lots of free cameras for guards.
Great food and 10 cent liters of IPA quality cold beer. Samovars with constant hot water for hot chocolate and noodles at each end of every car. Trip of a lifetime.
But NEVER accept an invite to sit in bar car with those large living Ruskies. The oily tasting Chinese Wodka shots/singing/toasts never stop, and the Katzenjammer next morning doesn't respond to even the most powerful acupuncture points. Oy Weh!
Now that's a true adventure! I can only read about such things. sigh
My ex was in the military, Navy, was placed on a submarine, made a trip to Russia.
He told, he never met nicer people, would not allow the crew to pay for anything.......every where they went
the people were so happy to meet them, and could not do enough for those Dutch sailors
I used to have one of their pins they wore on their caps, hammer and sickle, lost it somewhere.............
peace ...................Jenny,oil%2C%20and%20natural%20gas%20emissions—
National Geographic:

Arctic Permafrost is Thawing Fast - That Affects us all...

(google/search this)

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