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Some not so fun facts

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Will he be given the chance to break those records some more ?
I sure hope the American voters have learned from his first term
and don't give him the opportunity to do so.....again.

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I guess it has nothing to do with Covid19 and Democrats not wanting to work posting hate instead all day on Twitter against the president.drinking
You could add impeachment (I know it's not the first) to the list.
Definitely a large part of it has to do with Trump making us more exposed to Covid-19 and less able to handle it.
His ignoring at least a dozen warnings about the pandemic, including from his own White House staff.
Then, his denial of the threat, claiming it was a "hoax".
His paring down the official pandemic response team.
His forcing states to bid against each other for supplies, rather than buying in bulk
and then distributing to states on a need basis. This mishandling caused prices for related medical goods to skyrocket and cause shortages for lower bidding states.
His constant urgings to open things up too soon caused a huge second wave in many states like AZ, FL, and others. Also, his bizzare medical recommendations. He was practicing medicine recommending ineffective drugs without a license or any reason. That is criminal ! Also, his lack of leadership in simply wearing a mask. Thousands of American deaths from Covid-19 are the result of his ineptness and inappropriate behavior. He is a danger to the health of the citizens of the USA. He has to go.

I look at the statistics re America and the virus and I just can't understand why it's all so "political" it's a virus that's killing people every single day over there and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I've stopped posting my views re American Politics as I get the personal insults from certain posters saying that I need to take my meds or that I need to go to weight watchers, because I don't agree with them. Yet they hide behind a "blank" photo? I'm not American so I really don't have a say re the politics in America. Not long to go till 3rd November and then America will know who their President will be then. I just wish that some "Americans" would stop trying to ridicule the Uk Especially when they have never even been there. At least I've had the opportunity to visit America many times since 2013 . I don't like Trump and many people that I've met (including my friend and his family) don't like him either. We all have our own views and are entitled to them. America, carry on, it will soon be over and done with on 3rd November cheering
L - Yeah, if only he was removed from office, we would have been better off.
We have the justice obstructing republicans in congress to 'thank' for that. thumbs down thumbs down
MC - if you look at the total, it's not getting better. But, it's not that simple.
There are some states that have brought the infections down greatly, like New York & New Jersey. There are other states like Arizona & Florida where it is peaking. Those are states that followed Trump's urgings to open back up quickly. New Jersey & New York instead did it gradually in steps separated by weeks to see the impact upon infection rates with social distancing retained. They adjusted the rate of opening up based on actual medical data. They did it intelligently, unlike the president's urging.

Yes it is horrible how some people treat others. Anyone who does that to you on my blogs gets deleted. They spout nonsense and then try to intimidate people to accept their b.s. or get harrassed. I don't put up with that.

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