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To 5G or not to 5G...

I'm thinking about a phone upgrade this year and the model I want is around $1,000. Scary thought to pay so much for a phone, but there's an interface that connects it to a monitor, mouse and keyboard creating a desktop environment. That way, you don't have to squint and pinch.
That model is also available in a 5G version for $300 more.
If I go for the 5G model, It will probably be the single most expensive device I own, exceeding the GPS drone I purchased a few years ago.

I'm not a power user and don't spend time streaming videos on my phone so the idea of 5G isn't a requirement.

To 5G or not to 5G... that is the question.

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NO to 5G - You said it yourself - you are not a power user - eventually everyone will have 5G phones as the power users move up to 6G.

Back in ancient time, pre-cell phone - every year the automakers added extra features or even extra inches to the fins - and of course everyone had to buy a new car.
Try T-Mobile they have deals on plans 55 and over. Been with them since 2014. 2 lines 55.00 4g unlimited.
Well, my friend, I would definitely not consider 5G at this point...unless you need a cutting-edge network technology and the latest high-specification devices. Many 5G work fine alongside existing 3G and 4G networks. There is a lot of patchiness on Verizon...personally I prefer AT&T and T-Mobile. Your results may differ depending on location and usage.

Almost all phones can connect to a Lap Top, Tabs, or Smart TV with USB... still for various important reasons stay away from all Chinese phones and a better choice would be a Samsung lowering price for your needs as you shop. You also don't necessarily need GMail to download Apps and you can use APKPure instead by installing from their site.

Buy the phone according to your needs and a 4G will be ok if the network is strong. If you want to use Android Apps on Windows 10 without a phone...just download Blue Stacks on your computer and use it from a flash drive.

If you opt for 5G a middle-of-the-road frequency in mid-band 2.5Ghz on Sprint may give you issues... so test first for your area. Whether you get a Galaxy S20 ( $1000 ) or a Galaxy 51 ( $350 ) they can all be modified and if you have knowledge can also be rooted, flashed, etc, to increase performance.

Make sure you have lots of memory, internal storage as needed, and read reviews. Gorilla glass is pretty good if it's an option and stronger chargers. Also, clean the phone out when you get it by removing useless Apps unrelated to OS or network spying and install Anti Virus, Data Eye to control flowing data on and off and a Rootless Firewall. During regular use turn WiFi off and disable Google Maps or remove if possible. Disable all Google search engines...use Brave browser instead.

Don't go with closed source Apple products for political reasons also.rolling on the floor laughing

I hope this helps.
If you can afford it spurge a little.

The best gifts are the ones you buy for yourself.
I'm already with T-Mobile on their 55 (and over) plan.
5G service is available at no additional cost.
The Samsung Galaxy note 10+ is my first choice.
I could get an unlocked phone but prefer to stay with the version for T-Mobile.
Rooting a phone is out of the question as it voids the warranty and insurance.
I started on 300baud (bits per second) and acoustic couplers. You could hear the data loud and clear, could almost count the characters. I remember attending a Las Vegas conference, 1976? where a guy in the MGM Grand pulled out a little suitcase, coupler, plugs in, dials New York and demonstrates his software. A big wow back then. From 300 to 10^10, 3*10^7-fold increase. Cost per bit has come down by a similar factor too.
Cool, if it works for you great and good phone...worth the money. In my case, I have to strip my after rooting I also add a new ROM and modify it more. Still, I understand your point for regular use...why possibly bricking the phone and making it useless against the warranty and updates. I still can reverse mine and the performance is a lot better. Enjoy and hope it works out for you.

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