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Final Numbers are in.....

63 shot - 16 killed over the weekend here in Chicago. One was a 20 month old baby just coming from the laundromat with mom. The scariest one for me....a 10 yr old girl visiting her uncle killed by a stray bullet that came through a window....just a block away. 9:30 Saturday night. It makes me very sad. What if this were a child in my granddaughter's school? Her school is very small. There are only about 40 - 50 children in the entire Pre-K through 8th grade. Thankfully, we don't have to explain why little Susie won't ever be in school again.

This coming up weekend is a holiday weekend. The weather is supposed to be beautiful. The numbers will sadly only get worse.

The politicians say something must be done. Yet nothing seems to get done. frustrated

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@ KP

Hope you and your loved ones stay safe this coming weekendhug

You are right it seems! We cannot afford to disband police forces! If they were disbanded, who would protect the public?

I certainly hope that these shooters are caught and severely punished!thumbs up
Thank you german. I think we're staying home.

Gentle, I hope they find them too! Luckily we have a plan to move out of Illinois within the next year - if not sooner.
If we disbanded police - geez it would probably be like the wild wild west.
defund does not = disband. Police will not be eliminated.
However, they will be decreased and other social services will be expanded,
so that the poor are not as desperate and that specialists will be first responders
to situations where they would be more effective than police.

Hopefully the situation will simmer down and real improvements can be undertaken.
Well Jim, I hope it simmers down as well. I don't believe however that decreasing the police force in lieu of more social services will help the problem. More social services are a good idea but they need to fund them in some other way. Right now our police are still on 12 hr shifts and all of this violence is still going on. It's a crazy situation.
I'm so sorry to hear that kp. Have you looked further into moving? Things sound really bad. And with the relations between police and citizens in such a bad place, it may only get worse. Anyway i pray you and your family stay safe. Love from Ireland teddybear
Hey chancer wave Yeah we have a plan. Hopefully sooner but shouldn't be longer than a year. We'll buy a house in Wisconsin and live with the flipppin' trees. doh It will be harder for me - I'm a big city gal but even I agree that we need to get out of Dodge.
well,JimN,defund means DEFUND,even if it might not have that meaning in your 1984-Universe,where everything is fluid,and things are given the meaning most convenient at the moment!
Well done Jimmy!laugh
"defund does not = disband. Police will not be eliminated.
However, they will be decreased and other social services will be expanded,
so that the poor are not as desperate and that specialists will be first responders
to situations where they would be more effective than police.

Hopefully the situation will simmer down and real improvements can be undertaken."

You are so out of touch I question your sanity. Democrats have caused this... you can't even admit it.
Watch: St. Louis Couple Uses AR-15, Pistol to Defend Home from Protesters.

Embedded image from another site

A St. Louis, Missouri, couple used an AR-15 and a pistol to defend their home Sunday as protesters marched through their neighborhood.

HuffPost reports a man was holding “what appeared to be a semiautomatic rifle” and the woman was holding a pistol as protesters marched down “a private road.”

They marched that route in order to pass St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson’s (D) house and demand her resignation.

KMOV4 reports there were roughly 300 protesters and the armed man and woman were at a home “nearby” Krewson’s.

A couple has come out of their house and is pointing guns at protesters in their neighborhood #StLouis #lydakrewson

— Daniel Shular (@xshularx) June 29, 2020

The homeowner told KMOV4 he came out armed because the protesters allegedly burst through a historic gate on the way to his property.

He said, “A mob of at least 100 smashed through the historic wrought iron gates of Portland Place, destroying them, rushed towards my home where my family was having dinner outside and put us in fear of our lives.”

Either arm yourself or become a victim.
When seconds count, the Police are mere minute away.

First parents were both city raised. Mom was in Chicago. She adapted to the farm fine. Once my parents figured out you can't make a park out of 200 acres. LOL. She talked about going back to Chicago after dad died and then figured out, city life would drive her nuts. Best way to adapt is go knock on neighbors doors and introduce yourself. We hate strangers. And most stay strangers.
The problem in Chicago is not the cops. It is a segment of people who fight for turf in however you describe it. As long as some persist in shooting each other or just shooting, nothing will change.
Defunding the cops is as bad as disbanding. Police forces are already spread thin. I see a case here where a girl is missing in the river. And the first thing out of her black family is why MORE cops/etc didn't show up immediately. Talk about out of both sides of one's mouth. They hate cops and yet at the first sign of anything, are screaming at 911 to send them. Hypocrisy at the very least.
There has been tons of money thrown at the down trodden. What we end up with is kids learning to live on welfare and hand outs. Or attitude the "man" owes me. No use to throw good money after bad.
Talk is about how sad that black kids grow up without fathers. And how many of them are due to men who don't give a darn and brag about how many baby mommas they have knocked up.
Put some blame where it belongs..macho men.
Years ago I saw this type of stuff coming. At the time I lived in Commiefornia and it was getting harder there to buy a gun for protection. I wasn't planning on leaving but after my divorce there was no reason to stay.
One of my criteria for picking a state was the ability to purchase the type of weapon I wanted with the least amount of government interference.
We cannot depend on Government to protect us, so we have to be ready to protect ourselves if & when it becomes necessary. To many states, counties and cities make that almost impossible to do, so in that case relocating may be the only option.
General - luckily we're covered if someone enters our home. My son and his girlfriend are both excellent marksmen. They do a lot of target practice at a target range and occasionally go hunting. Before anyone gets their panties in a twist - they're both legal. Guns were purchased legally and they both have their licenses. My biggest concern is taking my granddaughters for a walk around the block or to the park or on their bikes. These senseless murders are happening at all hours of the day. The most innocent of innocent are getting hurt and killed.

To stay in the city is just not in the cards and this hurts me deeply. I was born and raised here. Unless you're uber wealthy - there's just no way unless you want to actually live in the really bad parts of town. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are a lot of good people in the bad areas. But the bad are starting to not only out number the good but they're branching out. To buy a house in a better area - 400k is about the minimum and then we can't forget to tag on an extra 20k or so a year in property taxes. Plus all of the other taxes that the state, city and county impose. It's just impossible. Illinois has the 2nd highest in property taxes and I think they take the top spot in overall taxes so way more money for our buck in Wisconsin or Indiana.
Luckily mic I've never had to call the police laugh
Ozzz it's just heart-breaking. There are so many good people that just can't keep up with the bad anymore and are leaving the city and or state.
I hear ya' big - the kids have us covered in that respect - it's just time for us to move along to try to stay safe and healthy and happy.
The city is adding an additional 1200 policemen on duty for this weekend. With all of the violence happening now, what are they waiting for? blues
Profile Deleted
All this goes beyond the ability of social workers to contain perhaps you should be looking at a cleansing war. To quarantine the city with the legalisation of murder. There's a better world coming in that 1945 kinda way - wow look at all those dead bastards.

Excellent, still trouble pops up at any time...even at night. I'm sure one of those 300 protesters will return to harass those individuals with the weapons and only the evilest ones. Why we must vote for Trump and support the NRA the only link to freedom against communists and extreme socialists in today's society. I again really question Jim's sanity for his beliefs, hate and obsession for Trump based on lies... the facts are there.
If there's anybody decent left in Chicago, get out now. Why are they not building refugee camps on the outskirts?
You'd be surprised how many Chicago Expat Mini-Communities there are in Wisconsin, Ches.

All runs smoothly Most of the time - Except Fall ... Packers & Bears fans, y'all understand. ... devil


Not be as likely as one might think.
Folks - even the Evilest of protestors - avoid extra holes bein' put in 'em. ... hole


Can't Imagine why "?" is no longer among us ... confused


Makes sense.

An integrated weapons system featuring cross compatibility ain't a bad idea.

Fr'instance -
A 9mm Glock pistol & a Carbine that uses the same readily available cheap ammo & mags - Clear on up to the renowned 33 rd. "Glockazine" ... aka "fun stick" very happy

Best to keep things simple if S's gonna HTF, I reckon smile

The above presumes one's Not scold residing in the People's Republic of Kommiefornistan, of course.

If one's residing in, say, Alaska, one might skip the 9mm & go with a revolver & rifle -both chambered in .500 S&W Magnum. ... wow

Same cross compatible ammo concept, but Those'll take the starch outta 'most anything currently walking the planet (or ever Has). Like Bears.

They'd be useful accessories if one's planning a vacation to Jurassic Park. smile

Yeah mic - Packers are an issue....I'm a Bears fan. My son and his girlfriend are HUGE Bears fans. Whatever...we're resilient. We've survived the virus, the protests and the senseless shootings here - we can handle a few disgruntled Packers fans there laugh
Mic...I did say 1 in 300. rolling on the floor laughing
This ingenious chap linked up 20 33 rd. Glockazine Fun Sticks & demonstrates how 600 rds. would deter ALL 300 of those antique gate crashin' sum'bltches ...


Useful, I suppose ... Not so good for Concealed Carry.


Such rivalries can be Extremely lucrative if one works it properly.

A couple purchased a watering hole out in the Western Wisconsin boonies & decided to turn it into a Sports Bar.

The problem -
He was a die hard Vikes fan - She bled Green & Gold boxing

They drew a line down the middle of the place & each spouse could do a they pleased with they're 1/2.
One side was painted Green & Gold, the other side Purple & Gold ... Inside & Out wow

Come Game Day, fans of Both teams pile into Their side of the joint & Let The Fun Begin cheers
Fans of Both teams are motivated to back Their team by handing out appropriately colored complimentary Jell-O® Shots when their team scores. ... drinking

typing pointing kp searching "Wisconsin Bars For Sale".

Watch: St. Louis Couple Uses AR-15, Pistol to Defend Home from Protesters.

They might have some legal trouble over that. "State law does not prohibit the open carrying of firearms, but does prohibit exhibiting 'any weapon readily capable of lethal use' in an angry or threatening manner in the presence of one or more persons."
Hint to y'all considering a 1/2 & 1/2 Sports Bar.

It's best done In The Boonies - The coolness of a garishly painted structure might be lost on Municipal Zoning folks so tight-ássed they could choke a worm.

You needn't fret over that ol' "Location, Location, Location" adage.
Word'll get out conversing & you'll draw folks in from miles 'round ...

"If You Build It, They WILL Come!" grin

I think it's a mixture of the absent black fathers and the near broken-home of suburbia. The golf playing white dad through which white sons have almost no idea of what a real man is.
An Ol' Farmer told of a "Sports Bar" in the Minnesota boonies.
This was before flat screen TVs & the sport was Brawling ... boxing

If the Ol' Boy was to be believed, the joint was so rough they frisked folks to see if they had a gun.
If they Didn't they gave 'em one.


Good points cheers
Especially the absent Black fathers part.

Imprison the Dads & replace 'em with Uncle Sam to keep the Moms pickin' figurative cotton on de Massa's 'Crat voting Plantation.

This guy addresses the issue well, even though he's running as a 'Crat ...

thumbs up

I wear a hog leg lots out and about on the farm. Wisconsin is open carry legal. Had a car crash in my ditch, heard ruckus and went down, armed as usual. County deputy there never even gave me a glance. Didn't bother him one bit.
Night shift in grocery years back, guy walks in with hog leg, goes to look at mags. confused dunno City cop stopped and talked to guy. Maybe fellow officer? Anyway he knew him. I don't worry about open carry. My worry is the concealed that has NO permit.
For Orzzz ...


I don't care how it's Carried nor if a Gov't permit's been issued to do so - It's what's Done with it.

Gov't issued permits for Any kind of carry should be Unconstitutional - The 2nd Amendment IS the permit. What part of ... Shall Not Be INFRINGED is unclear. ... confused

It's known as Constitutional Carry & is the law in many states.
It's aka Vermont Carry.
That state's Never restricted the carrying of arms & provisions in its State Constitution make if difficult for such restrictions to even be Considered.

As a reminder, this blog's 'bout the number of killings in Gun-Controlled Chicago ... NOT Constitutional Carry Vermont.

How many of y'all associate Vermont with mayhem & bloodletting? ... Anyone??
Yeah. Me neither.

Now that is a state where they should have a State of emergency in place for a very long time.
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