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Trump may drop out of 2020 race if poll numbers don’t improve

Well, it looks like something has taken the "Mickey" out of the former tough guy from the 2016 campaign. You can see the look on his face. "Aww, nobody loves me, My wittle feelings are hurt."
comfort There, there Donnie, don't be sad, you did the best you could, Not everybody is qualified for this job, maybe you were just aiming too high. I mean , after all, you're running against a guy with 8 years of experience as a Vice President who knows how the job should be done. I mean, what are you? a failed real estate and casino manager and a talk show host. Let's face it, that background doesn't exactly prepare a person to run a whole country. Especially one as big as the USA. Look on the bright side, I bet you can even get your old job back as the star of "The Apprentice". You seemed a lot happier back then when you were firing everybody on a weekly basis. yay

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He's still hiring & then firing the same people like crazy. The most in history.
He doesn't want to hear the truth. He want's to hear "yes sir", even when it's
a ridiculous idea.

All the bankruptcies and corrupt things he's done and some people
were still dumb enough to support him and vote for him.
However, after the worst presidency in US history,
the top half of those people have to have learned by now,
that he is very inappropriate for the position.

If he does resign, the republicans have a much better chance with the congressional seats.
If not, he's going to spoil those seats too for the republicans.
It happened in the previous election cycle. It will happen even more this November.
Trump will not quit his job. He as toooooooooooo many enablers in his corner. devil
From the link you posted;

I posted something similar on one of my blogs. In addition I noted, that women have deserted him.
They now overwhelmingly disapprove of him, as do blacks. Just those 2 groups together could end Trump's chances. Take that together with swing states leaning away from Trump this time and it does not look good for Trump, which looks better for the nation.
"Trump may drop out of 2020 race if poll numbers don’t improve"
Perhaps. Or it might be ...


Perhaps the word is ....had.

They aren't going to want to latch onto a sinking ship. Unfortunately for them, they did not foresee,
that it was inevitable, and became moreso with each of his screw-ups.
It appears some are going down with the sinking ship.

Many today lied for him regarding the re-tweet at the golf course.

The few senators who can't explain whatever chaos is going on at that time, they just keep their mouth close with no comment.

The ideal failure will be if Trump is defeated so badly (only votes will be his supporters) that it will be the worst in USA history. laugh
Yahoo. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Annddd ... They're Off & Runnin'!!

popcorn ... drinking

I don't think Trump should try to run. Morbid obesity ain't cool on a race track.
Embedded image from another site
"A Republican Party operative reportedly told Fox News."

Paul Ryan. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

... And Ol' Joe'll run the track backward & the Geezers will wipe one another out on the backstrech - assuming The Don makes that far & Ol' Joe doesn't wander off.

The Prez race will then be Pence vs ???? ... Kinda like it sez in the OP.
Only The Don's dead & Ol' Joe's pic's on milk cartons.


Anyone thinking Trump would pull out for any reason like polls has not paid much attention in the last few years . Guess it gives a few hope .
Lefties claim ...

1) Multiple Criminal Charges & Civil Suits await The Don when he's done being Prez.

2) The Don's gonna drop outta the '20 Prez Race.


There is a lot of the confusion stemming from the tensions between the federal government and individual states. You have literally fifty different policies colliding, so the whole country needs strong leadership to create Unity not division, Trump has created more and more division and until he is replaced by someone with the strength to reunify the country America will slide downwards, it really doesn't matter which party that strong leadership comes from. But Trump has shown he is no leader, just a washed up TV host with no morals or business ethics.
Lefties claim ...

1) The Don's a wanna be Dictator ala Putin.

2) He must be replaced by a Strongman at the Federal level who'll exert power over the several States.

Fascinating. Do continue, y'all.


With Biden leading by a point in (deep red) Texas and pulling ahead in Georgia, getting out of the race might seem attractive to him. It would beat a humiliating defeat in November. wine
In boating under sail, there's an expression for one class of maximum adversity. So we hear, having the wind straight on yer nose, or bow. Many of us have learned never to expect acknowledgment of many truths concerning the Don and his formidable character and accomplishments, so watch this to continue, no matter what.
The Trump Derangement-Hilary Deficit Syndromes are powerful indeed. As evidenced by the body language/psychotic spin of the pols and their lock step media around midnight last election day, when things began to go south for Hilary. "How could this be, after all the polls said otherwise?" Delicious. And the now over three years of the Red Man Bad witch hunting, all beginning with weeks of nothing else in the media, only then to vanish after another failure. And now this latest latest ruse, of dozens. Stormy Daniels, Russian collusion, impeachment, etc, etc, etc.
Now we hear of giving up, based on WHAT? Polling?!?!. Early polling. VERY early. And indeed, the average person might have done so with so much wind in his nose. Yet full syndrome victims continue to say it's all valid---after all, just read it, WHERE? "Why, it's right there, in the WP or NYT". Actually copying such for support in blogs/postings, is diagnostic of the worst cases of the Syndromes. Sadly, many victims continue to act under their power, as we see here daily. Denial isn't only a river in Africa.
Our Brilliant and Dazzling President Trump's vision for the average American, and his deep love for the country, along with a healthful dose of any pol's narcissism, kept him going through all that these Syndrome victims continue to throw at him.
In fact, it's more like a strong wind, and surf like following waves, off the stern Fore and Main sails wing-on- wing, again at hull speed. for one more victory, and for continuing to MAGA.
What's that we see way behind at the broken oars, in the leaking dinghy? Fat lady coracer calling out the pace on a red MAGA-phone. Could it be creepy, sniffy, likely impaired Uncle Joe? And his female team member?
How much more egg on the face can these alt lefties endure? On and on, repeating it all, and expecting a different result. Full Syndrome Syndromic. Pathetic. Gravely impaired.
Vier - sailing straight into the wind is called Being in Irons. The boat sails luff, can even back fill bringing the boat to a stand still.

Are you suggesting Trump should be put in Irons?
Well, many may use the term to refer to the unability to come about, or to carefully jibe back down wind, as a result of many factors. Wind on the bow is one. A lost rudder another (far worse), but not hopeless. Rope and buckets aft can help. Usually, with wind, on boats today, of almost any sort, one can regain steerage. Nice try, HS teacher. Even less of a yachts-lady Takes more than a girly beard..
In irons more specifically refers to NO WIND, for making headway. Of course, quite large broadsail rigged boats of old, with tons of inertia, and complex sail setting/dousing, could get to loose steerage, quite rarely, in a variety of manners. With Bermuda/Marconi rigged more modern craft, even a HS teacher can tack to course, with a strong blow coming right over the bow, matey. Reaching, close hauled, technically speaking, ---to really be a shameless show off. There are many places, in season, around the world, usually where surrounded by opposing prevailing winds and countervailing tidal motions, where being in irons is also more specifically referred to.
We have a famous one, if one errs too close to the mid Saragasso sea, between the East and West trade winds, to and from the Azores, and Med. Quite spooky. On the Trades, blowing along quite nicely, perhaps with the wind vane or autopilot set, perhaps while reading, ham radioing it up, or servicing the ladies below. All of a sudden, it's full luff conditions. Sometimes for days or weeks. Thank Heavens for diesel auxiliary power, extra tanks, and better navigation. But I again do digress.
But I'd be the last one to deny that language can evolve.
JFC, pal. Can't you put up a bit more of a challenge to a fellow ex HS school marm? Sans fat pension.
First science, then yachting, and, always TD-HDS driven politics.
You drinking the lead laced bottled water from Detriot?
A discussion of sailing conditions/techniques. Interesting.

I'll heave to & see where it goes.

We'll never have you walk the plank, W, friend, and spend the rest of time with the bottom feeders in Davy Jone's Locker. Not a few of these wiggling about right here on CS, No?
The irons involving Trump will have little to do with sailing.

Embedded image from another site
Embedded image from another site
Why don't all of you Trump haters move out of the country when Trump is reelected in 2020???thumbs up
How about if you wake up to the low probability, that the nation would make the same mistake twice and elect the worst president in US history to a second term. While I'll grant, that it's possible, after his horrendous first term, it simply isn't likely.
I still believe Trump will pull out before Nov, saying he has health issues.
Lizard talking about health issues. rolling on the floor laughing

Jim also has a few and can't remember Bill Clinton should be first in line for rape. Then Pelosi and Congress for 3+ years of misuse and power and treason against the state. And finally Obama and Clinton... the listen is too long.

Lefties always lie.
Clinton stood trial. So should Trump.....after his term is up.
Trump may drop out of 2020 race if poll numbers don’t improve

RIIIGGGGGGGHHHHT ... what ever makes you TDS patients feel better...

"Our Brilliant and Dazzling President Trump's vision for the average American, and his deep love for the country"

Not the moron who said COVID 19 was a hoax!? COVID was his vision for the average American? OMG!

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

"Full sail fore and aft", said the fool, "the aft is in front of the fore!"
(Mr Ooby)

"Besides Our Differences In Politics?"
"I'm Convinced That You're A Great Person"

"But Unfortunately...From My Way Of Thinking?"
"I'd Say That Your Thinking Has Been Losing Its Flavor"
"It Might Be From All Of Those Years Of Driving"
"A Tractor Trailer Truck"

"Strange As It Seems Though?...."Ive Driven Tractor Trailers For 15 Years Now"
(And?...I'm Still Doing It)
"And It Hasn't Affected My Thinking Process"

(I Do Hope You Get To Feeling Better)..........................detective
Trump wins by land-slide. Biden has caught the kung flu.This is scary.

@JoeBiden has devoloped brain damage due to covid-19 relapse
He is too weak to stand up to his own supporters calling for defunding the police.
Mic - That could still work. For instance, he could make his announcement from Moscow.
But, I don't think he will drop out, because Putin wants him here in the USA dividing the nation as much as he can, as he has been doing.
ooby_dooby: Thank you guys...we can all use a laugh.

peace banana

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