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Truth Hurts

The Liar in Chief continues lying & denying and corrupting the US constitution. Unfortunately Justice Roberts is holding him accountable. And Putin, Trump's buddy, just stabbed the Great Liar in his fat-back. Off hand I would say the wrong thinking CS Right Wingers need to find a new hero.

Here's a suggestion - LOL

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I wonder what he's doing this morning besides watching Fox & Friends. The White House is still scrambling on this Russian Bounty story. thumbs down
Superman's met his match ...

Scratch that.

THIS is Superman's match ...

Mic - it s sad move on your part to pick an image wherein Donald's head is attached to the body the arch villain Thanos of Marvel Book fame. I agree, Donald would make an epic Marvel Comic book Villain.
Dems hero:
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Instead of characteristically merely mouthing and copying the lame wonk party lines, why not do a bit of thinking, on your own. I know, I know, such is anathema in government schools and teacher training programs. But you can do it, just try.
The Chief Justice may have been doing the biggest possible favor to the Trump campaign, and the Biden loss. As per a competing, and hands down winning, blog.
Veir - Better you should learn how to formulate a coherent essay before you setting out criticizing others.
One mustn't confuse TRUMP GEOTUS with Thanos - they're Not the same!

One can tell 'em apart because TRUMP GEOTUS has an all powerful crushing Left claw he uses to crush evil Leftists.
He can take on Superman AND Thanos with his right hand tied behind his back.

Come to think of it - TRUMP GEOTUS Is a Helluva Great name for a Super Hero!

The Don can launch his own line of graphic novels featuring TRUMP GEOTUS annihilating hideous evil Swamp Creatures like The Hildebeest, "Stretch" Pelosi and...
Here's the storyline for the Premier Edition - Conquest Of The Hildebeest ...

The books will provide Hurtful Truth therapy for melting snowflakes in their ...

Lefties needn't get triggered - It's just comic books, for Pete's sake!


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