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Leo Terrell Calls On Democrats Not To Vote For Biden, Urges ‘Law & Order’ Dems To “Leave The Party”

Civil rights attorney and longtime Democratic commentator Leo Terrell is now urging American Democrats not to vote for Joe Biden and Democrat mayors because they are “pandering the black vote” and are “just playing politics.”

Terrell went on to claim that the Democratic Party has been “hijacked” by Black Lives Matter and later suggested it’s time for all “law and order Democrats to leave the party.”

“Please American Democrats – Do not give #JoeBiden & Democrat mayors your #vote. They are pandering to the black vote & just playing politics.

“These people are just playing politics to prevent @realdonaldtrump from reelection. #Trump has done more for black Americans than current #Democrats in power.

Every #Democrat needs to ask themselves why they still support the Democratic Party. It has been hijacked by #blacklivesmatter.

I don’t need #NancyPelosi to take a knee. I need her to improve education opportunities & make real changes for poor & minority neighborhoods.”

Moments later, Leo called on all “law and order Democrats to leave the Democratic Party.”

“I am asking law and order Democrats to leave the party,” he tweeted. “#Blacklivesmatter and #Socialists have hijacked the party. It is no longer the party of #JFK.”

In ending, here is a video of Leo Terrell explaining more in depth why he is so “disappointed” in Joe Biden and the Democratic Party:

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1/3 Century ago Biden proclaimed 'Crats like he Tough on crime - "... Biden wants the death penalty for everything but jaywalking." ...

He must've changed with the times so as to more effectively pander BLM votes - while sticking to locking away the ones who "...are beyond the pale. Beyond The PALE!"

Who The Hell IS He?? Does he Remember? Did EVER Know?! ...

My blog point exactly on the Robert's decision, Micman..
Look up "Uncle Tom" in the dictionary and there's a picture of Leo Terrell.
Embedded image from another site
Here's your Uncle Tom ooby

Dissing folks for not conforming to the Identity Politics Victim Group to which they're assigned by the Regressive Bigoteer Left is ineffective & counterproductive...

"...Bernie Sanders said so himself."

Age old tactic when a black person refuses to parrot left-wing orthodoxy : Call him an "Uncle Tom"

About as racist as you can get. Which makes Biden's "you ain't black" comment unsurprising really. He just said out loud the mentality underpinning everything.
The debates should be a hoot. All the crap Biden said and did in the past is sure to be brought up. All sane people need do is some research on how Biden really feels. Not felt. Just like a kid who steals a quarter says, I am sorry. NOT! Sorry he got caught!
I read a ton of black marks against all his VP possibles. Not one of them worth anything. All Biden is after is someone, preferably black to win the popularity contest. How about Oprah or Whoopy..they are too smart to attach to a loser. OK.. how about Skooky or Kim or maybe Catlin.rolling on the floor laughing
I've got some old Aunt Jemima paper towel dispensers ! I thought you Trumpies might like em, free.!!!!

Since I know how upset a lot of you Trumpies were about taking the Aunt Jemima logo off the pancake mix in earlier thread. The Trumpie guy in Ireland might like one too! Mr. "Q" I believe.
"1.Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell are generally not viewed as Uncle Toms despite the fact that they are usually very upfront about their conservatism. However, they do not use their platform to dismiss, mock or insult liberal blacks or blacks in general, who bring up issues pertaining to racism in the U.S. They do not fall into the traps that many conservative media platforms use to pit black conservatives against black liberals, people who live or have the values of city dwellers or liberal elites.
4.Now these are the worst, these are the Uncle Toms that black people hate, despise and wish didn’t exist. They are the coons. They insult and make fools of black people for the sake of entertainment of white conservatives. They say racist things about black people that white people want to say, but can’t due to social pressure. This includes people like Pastor James Manning and Jesse Lee Peterson. These types are Black people who are attracted to the culture war, social conservative aspects of conservatism. They don’t care much, nor know much about Economics, and they are not really into conservatism for it’s theories. They just make their money pushing White Evangelical Propaganda and use their platform to pretty much push the idea black people ought to be grateful that White Americans tolerate them and took them away from the jungles of Africa. Hell, you’ll find many of them embracing the confederate flag harder than a NASCAR junkie." From Quora.

Not all blacks are Uncle Toms. But anyone African American supporting Trump probably is. A black is the best judge.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
^^^^^^CONRAD?!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
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