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Eutierria - Becoming One With Nature

Eutierria is a good and positive feeling of ONENESS with the earth and its life forces.

A lovely quote from my friend “Leonard”, which I would like to share.
"If you don’t become the ocean you’ll be seasick every day"
“All knowledge is interconnected”.

It was described as follows:
“It’s only through leaning into the uncertainty, seeking out cognitive diversity, sharing ideas, asking questions, collaborating, problem-solving, embracing innovation that we have the opportunity to begin addressing the system challenges we face”.“Deeper meaning and context can only be achieved through beginning to understand our interrelationships and interdependencies".

To illustrate another.., I´d like to quote this little story:
About a Shaman who was called to a village during a time of great drought and asked if he could help bring rain to their dry fields.
They had previously tried many other approaches but, with no success.
The Shaman agreed to come and decided to go and meditate for 3 days on a mountain outside the village. Then, on the fourth day, it started pouring down with rain on the dry earth.
When asked how he had achieved such a miracle – not having performed any kind of ritual – he answered that he was not responsible for the rain
He explained that, when he came to the village, he had sensed disharmony within himself and within the people of the village.
All he did was to restore harmony. He became one with the earth and its people, then He became rain.

How can you experience Eutierria? Maybe some already have?
By going deep into nature, using all our senses, hugging a tree... we can also experience this feeling of Oneness.

What about those who play musical instruments - I mean an instrument that you can hold in your hands, or arms? (e.g. a flute, a cello, a violin, a guitar...)
Do you feel you are merging with that instrument and becoming one?

smitten teddybear violin daisy

Comments (59)

laugh tell those men that make it rain in strip clubs they are not using their ones properly.
I suggest not inserting them into an orifice is correct either...perhaps a tip jar.dunno
A dollar for every naughty thought, right BNaughty.rolling on the floor laughing
Daniela, I love your insights so teasing others aside.

How did the Eu part of the word fit, tierra I understand meaning earth.Is Eu the reference to the senses?
Or Europa?
P.S. I particularly love how Rumi quotes are always superimposed on nature photos it carries that easence so well.
Dreamy, wide eyed, head in the oat bucket, tree huggers. Tedious, sure. But basically harmless, yet of only marginal active help and progress to the real world. Thankfully, easy to ID, while at a party or other social event, usually from the glad rags, and the head gear. So, easy to greet kindly, and with great civility, ---and then to avoid, assiduously, for the rest of the evening.
With notable exceptions, as in much of life. Some right here.
Hi Ash wave

Your first comment I didn't get I'm afraid??confused
Ash, re your second comment...
EU =good
TIERRIA = earth

In the Greek language.

Nothing to do with the EU or Europe I'm afraid.
However, wouldn't it be nice if we were allUnited? sigh
Ash..third comment..
Which Rumi quote?
I shall acquaint you with both.(one moment pleaseI have professed my love at first sight on a blog.)heart wings
Embedded image from another site

My original example was the memes quoting Rumi upon nature photos that depict oneness but somehow this seems as appropo considering my current state.wink
Embedded image from another site
Ok Ash..I thought you meant one of my quotes are from Rumi.

So..dear're in love are you?smitten
Quote any of Rumis and I can find a beautiful nature theme it is on.Do you have a favorite one?handshake
Please delete the make it rain, naturally I have a different play on words because there is a cultural reference here others understand.
As V has also inferred.
Embedded image from another site
Sorry Vier but..was your comment relevant to the topic?
Es tut mir sehr Leid, ich verstehe night!? help
Ash..with the video about I understand about making it rain.laugh

I don't think it has to do with culture Patti, but your.comments are often cryptic.grin
Baby steps Daniela...smitten with his CS persona, we'll see.
One of my favourites from Rumì?
"Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers that you have built against it"
I love the pics!.smitten
I do not reflect American senior citizen culture at all.
My entire family is outgoing with interactions with younger people.It is rare to see anyone here loosen up.

It is my surroundings Daniela, much as you are unique and I love that about you.Youthful, non-judgmental and spiritual.My own path is slowly incorporating metaphysics regardless the American
stereotypes or appropriating other cultures as a fad.
Embedded image from another site
Daniela when I am at this stage in my life there are choices in love..
Love everyone and my self without seeking it. and having no attachments 5D
Loving myself attracting another and share it outside ourselves 3D
You have heard of those that are attached " for a time" to their spiritual guides
That's lovely pic Ash !smitten

I often quote that in my psychology practice.
So true!
Love the teacher..or love the lesson? purple heart
Could you please elaborate about "those who are attached to their spirit guides"?
I think if one loves the teacher, it makes the lesson more bearable..and even enjoyable? is so fascinated with the teacher that they completely forget what the lesson is about. Lol
rolling on the floor laughing forgive and forget
Spirit guides are ones they refer to as either shamans or in other cases angels or messengersbouquet
I know spirit guides are , Ash, but...why attached?dunno
I think because some do not understand there are others or they are finished with this one or they can not discern themself from the guide
You are familar with "walk ins"
My apologies, so few can address this topic.
I will stick to the Earth plane and its lessons through the elementals.
Please feel free to continue Ash wink

Sometimes one thing leads to cannot be helped.

Yes, I've heard of walk ins and have even seen it with my own eyes. As well as entities etc.

As for the spirit guides, they are all parts of ourselves.
Yes, they do come and go as they please and others take their place.

But...they live in OUR reality!
I know channelers use tools for discernment
May I share a video here?
Of tools of discernment.
Of course!

In my "meditation" blog I also explained very briefly about channelling and being able to discern where the info is coming from.
If I used a computor I could edit it.Shorten it.
First she refers to the previous video where she displayed a useful chart, but immediately discusses the ancestors.I did not want to post you go.

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