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Eutierria - Becoming One With Nature

Eutierria is a good and positive feeling of ONENESS with the earth and its life forces.

A lovely quote from my friend “Leonard”, which I would like to share.
"If you don’t become the ocean you’ll be seasick every day"
“All knowledge is interconnected”.

It was described as follows:
“It’s only through leaning into the uncertainty, seeking out cognitive diversity, sharing ideas, asking questions, collaborating, problem-solving, embracing innovation that we have the opportunity to begin addressing the system challenges we face”.“Deeper meaning and context can only be achieved through beginning to understand our interrelationships and interdependencies".

To illustrate another.., I´d like to quote this little story:
About a Shaman who was called to a village during a time of great drought and asked if he could help bring rain to their dry fields.
They had previously tried many other approaches but, with no success.
The Shaman agreed to come and decided to go and meditate for 3 days on a mountain outside the village. Then, on the fourth day, it started pouring down with rain on the dry earth.
When asked how he had achieved such a miracle – not having performed any kind of ritual – he answered that he was not responsible for the rain
He explained that, when he came to the village, he had sensed disharmony within himself and within the people of the village.
All he did was to restore harmony. He became one with the earth and its people, then He became rain.

How can you experience Eutierria? Maybe some already have?
By going deep into nature, using all our senses, hugging a tree... we can also experience this feeling of Oneness.

What about those who play musical instruments - I mean an instrument that you can hold in your hands, or arms? (e.g. a flute, a cello, a violin, a guitar...)
Do you feel you are merging with that instrument and becoming one?

smitten teddybear violin daisy

Comments (59)

laugh I started with your permission at 11:11 am here as well.purple heart
I could certainly use your knowledge on a great deal of subjects that we end up as a singular project.
Here is my preview.
I will wait until another time then.
Maybe the next lunar ecipse July4-5th wink
Then..maybe could write a blog about a specific topic you want to discuss?

Ps..I started to watch that video but..on my phone the sound is not very good?
Maybe you could list here about the discernments?

Or..write a blog about it?

It should be interesting and I'm sure we'll probably have different views about it? dunno
Btw..we don't have to wait for any eclipse.
Any time is as good as other as I can myself "connect" whenever..?
There was a little break, in the action, so I judiciously bowed out.
Thank you Daniela
She referred to graph that I have never seen used.The other less important were classes.
I do not follow karmics, twin flames per se.
Neither do I !

Now..back on topic...

I talked about "being One with a musical instrument"

Has anyone ever had that experience?

I know an italian woman guitarist who plays the guitar as if she's making love to it..smitten

And I know a cellist who plays his if he's playing with a woman
Unfortunately, I cannot hold my piano in my arms and show it my affection but...
I feel sometimes that the piano is playing ME..rather than I playing it.angel
I can only address the first set of questions, as I have only made love with the musician.rolling on the floor laughing
I will not blushing discuss his instrument.
Or how he created our masterpiece: Twins!
Oh I see...
His instrument must have been really special then?
He managed to shoot two notes in one go? laugh
I have two tubes, having both eggs fertilized results in fraternal twins:dizygotic.purple heart purple heart
Maybe being " one with nature" is why certain women know immediately when they conceived.I did.
Some much joy overwhelmed me I couldn't begin to describe it.heart wings heart wings
I never really thought of it that way, Ash.
Or..maybe I can't remember? dunno
If you ever get the chance check out 'Girl in the Woods' on Youtube. I enjoy her videos so much.
Very nice Hplady!
I started watching one from my phone but will definitely watch more on the big screen.

I can relate to that girl..and the beautiful surroundings.
So much beauty..and peace! love

Thanks teddybear

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