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Just listening to Public Radio...

...while channel surfing, with my new Shenzehn short wave radio. This program was on creepy, sniffy Uncle Joe Biden's choices for running mate, and his pandering, sexist claim to pick a woman. Of course, the one hour piece focused almost entirely on Black women. Sort of like almost any story on Public Radio dealing with couples, excludes heterosexuals. Or when discussing so called "Dreamers", foreign born youth, enjoying/usurping the many benefits of real US citizens, and still of questionable legality. In these cases, almost every kid interviewed is at Harvard Med School, on an affirmative action free ride. I note the far greater number of violent gang MS-13 members, who are never heard from. Many are dreamers as well. Easy to interview in prisons. Do we digress?
So I recall one of many witch hunts on President Trump, literally dozens, all failed, after constant initial media coverage. Any one heard of Stormy Daniels ever again? Russian collusion? Etc.?
Or ruses by clinician shrinks, who should know better, but were suffering from TD-HD Syndromes. So without seeing clinical records, or using laboratory info, or a diagnostic interview, much less other testing, began tossing diagnoses about, all meant to claim he is incompetent to serve in his role. Boards of Medicine reminding them of ethics in practice?
Now, the alleged issue with Trump was Narcissistic personality traits, which are common in most pols. And in Meself. And the possibility of incompetence based on cognition. During serial medical exams, standardized testing for this was done. By qualified Physicians. He scored high normal on all.
Now, Syndromic alt lefties here will never agree, but most fair folks have seen the daily gaffs, verbal and behavioral, indicating poor judgment/memory/etc. by this the former VP. Many long montages exist displaying these. Belly ticklers all.
Yet nowhere on the biased media do we see any discussion of VP Biden's clear challenges in these vital regards. Many of us are aware of this "oversight", but it's really striking. Along with sequestering him a good deal, as damage control. Can't make any of this up.

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