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Violence Common (8)

Its impossible to explain or understand fully why acts of violence are so common. dunno
Robbery as a motive is on the increase, cities combine the very rich with the very poor.
Unemployment and poor housing accentuate the problems. s*xual crimes, including rape, have always taken place and often the aggressors are known to the victim.
Members of minority groups may be victims of otherwise motiveless violence simply because they ARE members of minority groups. Its always possible that there is no real motive. The attacker may be genuinely mentally ill.
Most street crime injuries involve bruising, broken noses, black eyes, grazes and shock. With aftercare and counseling, many victims recover. But the alarming increase of crimes involving knives and firearms may mean an increase in the number of victims who die.
Most attacks take place very quickly. The police can do little except arrange for the care of the victims and take statements from witnesses. comfort
It is up to YOU to make sure that you are not helpless if attacked. professor
It is up to YOU to be aware of your surroundings and to protect yourself.
You must look at self-defence as a real necessity and work out how YOU can minimize the risks of attack.
uh oh

Comments (6)

Draconian jail sentences for those guilty of them is needed. Those who carry out these attacks get away with many more incidents than the ones they are caught for so it's absolutely vital that judges come down hard on them, which in Europe they certainly don't. In Europe too many judges think of themselves as social workers rather than judges.
The increase agitation is due to the combination of malnutrition and drug use.
As the increase of self-harming increases as well.
Sorry that was redundant. .the tyoes of self-harming increases.
You see them in advanced stages hitting themselves and rambling.So far gone that it is heinous to allow drugs to be available, legal, as some desire.

Some adverse drugs affects include psychosis or biting,uncontrollable acts.They have shot full rounds into drug addicts and their soulless bodies kept attempting to do violence.
HI snow,
can't agree with you more about the harsher sentencing. A harsh sentence is great as a deterent as well and might make the perp think twice before acting. Here a guy was sentenced to 5 years for assault and rape he only served 90 days before he was out and back to transgressing again. Whats the use?
Hi Ash,
addiction and drug abuse play a huge role in the opportunistic attacks in the street. Sad but true.moping
uh oh Social workers instead of Police.
Sorry Lukeon politics were not your intention.

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