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Trump’s Orange Complexion

If you've ever wondered about Trump's complexion and why it looks orange and why he would want to look orange, here's some information on that.

WASHINGTON, D.C – The U.S. Surgeon General accidentally revealed in a recent interview that President Trump’s skin tone is actually a normal shade of Caucasian. The orange hue of his face is actually due to daily ChloraPrep application after a brow lift he had performed early in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary.

chloraprepThe newly appointed Surgeon General Dr. Adams was being interviewed about a public health initiative when he revealed that one of his daily responsibilities is to apply a fresh coat of the orange tinted chlorhexadine usually reserved for pre-operative surgical prep. “He loved the way his face shined after surgery and asked if he could look like that all the time. When I told him it was an antimicrobial skin prep, he said he never liked microbial skin preps anyways.”

Dr. Adams relayed that the president’s staff carries a case of ChloraPrep applicators every where they travel with the President. “We’ve used an average of 2.6 applicators a day, way more than that when he is going to be on TV. He believes that the population relates to it, President Trump believes that this specific shade of orange reminds people of Cheetos, Doritos and Tang. The flavors of a happy childhood he claims.”

When questioned about the source of his skin tone, President Trump was elusive “Its my natural skin tone. That ChloraPrep story is #FakeNews . The Left is just jealous of my Chester Cheeto glow!”

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When I was competing in sports we also saw the Cheeto Glow for different reasons... white guys who had a hard time tanning would use a tanning cream and it would turn orange in high heat for some. One black friend tried it for fun by putting on too much and got the nickname Carrot Legs. rolling on the floor laughing

STRONGLY Suspect gomerblog guy grew up reading The Onion & draws inspiration from the BabylonBee.

Yrs ago I happened to indulge in eating too much fresh tomatoes. My co workers asked why my skin was differently toned. From then on I realized that what you eat defines you.
Since this story doesn't seem to be confirmed anywhere else it may be a dud. My apologies but whatever it is that turns his skin orange doesn't seem natural. It may be a self tanning product of some kind. I know Coppertone QT (1970s) had a tendency to turn the skin orange. professor

Apologies not necessary nor desired scold

It's turning into a fun blog & we could Use some fun 'round here!

Informative Too!!

Curves & Tat - Much obliged for the heads up on Coppertone® & tomatoes flower

FY'all'sI -
The Banana Boat® self-tanning crud blushing works GREAT thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

I remember watching a programme about this guy, on TV a few years ago. How true it is, I have no idea..

I heard Orange is the new black. professor
The story's most likely True, Miss_C.

"Hypervitaminosis is a condition of abnormally high storage levels of vitamins, which can lead to toxic symptoms. Specific medical names of the different conditions are derived from the vitamin involved: an excess of vitamin A, for example, is called hypervitaminosis A."

He may be taking some extract of beta carotine (the pigment found in fresh carrots). This is known to turn the skin orange. Or it could be his preferred shade of fake tan? Or, maybe, (as described), it is the ChloraPrep? I think that the actual question, here, should be: WHY would he do it?
Fake colour for a fake President who promotes fake news, seems a logical conclusiondunno
I'd be more concerned with his weight than his color. He's really but on a few pounds. Definitely not healthy no matter how you describe it.
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