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Ask and ye shall receive. Good!doh
Well Mark I'm like the South Africans, in that I wouldn't want to be the guinea pig for the vaccine either.
Hi Orz, I'm not sure I understand your comment. wave
Common sense can tell the virus will spread in those situations.

It is ironic that many people believe that it is a hoax and it is a way the elected officials are trying to control the citizens.

I received a message today advising to stay indoors for the 4th holiday weekend to curve the spread of the virus. Once the message was broadcast to all Texans, i turned on the radio and a researcher was saying that it is all a hoax and people should go out and enjoy the weekend holiday.

Right or wrong, how will America control this virus when we are not on the same page? frustrated
Hi Lafonda you seem to have a lot of common sense. I doubt very many people in the US think COVID is a hoax by now. A lot of confusion has come from the the mixed messages we were getting from the WHO and Dr. Fauci too. First they said masks did no good in preventing COVID and you shouldn't wear one unless you had the symptoms. Now they seem to be saying we should wear them. Then they said we should stay inside before learning the virus spreads much worse inside.... and not much outside in the sun. And then there is all discrepancies in the way possible COVID deaths are the point there could be many more cases or there could be less due to the financial reward for calling any death a covid death. And testing has not proven to be totally reliable either.

Personally I don't like wearing a mask. I don't like rebreathing my own CO2 and breathing in less oxygen in the bargain. Masks also make me hot and I sweat in the summer. Add that to the fact I sometimes have summer allergies. So I just try and social distance whenever possible. I've ate at restaurants a few times in the past month, but it does seem riskier than eating at home. I've pretty much accepted the fact I'll likely get COVID before we have a vaccine or herd immunity. I just try and stay fit and I hope I can can survive it, when it happens. If I get it I don't want to be put on a respirator and if I die, I die, I had a pretty good life already. I don't get sick very often and I've never been a germaphobe, so I hope my strong immune system will get me through. Stay well my friend.

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